Must Stop Editing


I need to have a rule. I don’t know what the rule should be exactly, but I just know what it should be about. At what point do I stop editing my posts? The perfectionist in me and the English teacher in me have joined forces to create havoc for the writer in me, and I can’t seem to leave well enough alone.

I write a post and save the draft. I go back later and re-read and proofread and edit and revise. I save again. I wait until Greg gets home to ask him his advice on things like word choice and whether to use italics or quotes. (Yes, I am an English teacher, but he IS smarter than I am, and after all, behind every good writer is a good editor. Most of the time I do know the answer, I just need reassurance.)

Eventually, I think I’ve gotten the post to where I want it, so I go ahead and hit the “publish post” button. Then I head on over to “view blog” so I can make sure it’s there. You would think that would be the end of it and I could move on with my life (or at least my blog), but nooooooo. There’s something about seeing it published on the website that makes me catch that “an” that should have been “and” for the first time. Or notice my problem with subject-verb agreement. Or think that maybe I should have spelled out “okay.”

And then sleep must make me more clever, because undoubtedly by the day after the post, I come up with some great something I can add to a post I’ve already published, and so I do. Then, there’s something about checking on my blog to see if anyone has left a comment that makes me think of something I should have made more clear. It’s exhausting. And it’s going to stop now. I think. Right after I come up with a better word for…


  1. Minimeltdown says:

    dude…blogging is supposed to be enjoyable. Try to enjoy yourself!

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh, I am enjoying myself…honest! I just get anal about things.