The Land of Good Intentions


I live in the Land of Good Intentions. You know the place. It’s just east of “Yeah, I’ve been meaning to do that” and west of “I just need to do (fill in the blank) and then I’ll get started.” It’s where the sweet smells of grand ideas and future dreams linger and make you so drunk you never want to leave, because to leave the Land of Good Intentions would require sobering up from the buzz of wondrous possibility and doing some…gasp…work!

And just in case my legal residence in this land is in question, one only needs to scan my bookshelf and you will find the following:

  • For the day I get into shape, the instruction booklets that accompanied the purchase of countless never used infomercial exercise equipment including but not limited to “The Firm,” “Supreme Pilates,” and some ab machine I don’t remember the name of
  • For the day I get finally get my finances in order, multiple unread Suze Orman books and tapes
  • For the day I organize my photos and memories, hundreds of dollars worth of scrapbooking books and supplies (most purchased at a Creative Memories party about eight years ago)
  • For the day I learn Spanish, a book that I purchased for a class I attended exactly twice
  • For the day I make good on my promise to find a new career so I can leave this teaching gig, no less than a dozen books on writing and/or career change

Oh, I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Now granted, I have made occasional strides– jaunts to the neighboring town of Follow Through– but alas, only for brief visits…sigh. But I remember how nice it was. It’s the place where the air is cleaner, dreams are realized (or not), to-do lists are not created in vain, and the streets are lined with nothing but the proud sense of accomplishment. Right now my only sense of accomplishment comes from things like finishing the laundry or paying the bills (whew…got THAT done!)

So this brings me to my blog. The latest of my good intentions. Sometimes these blog posts will be short and silly, sometimes crazy selfish rants, sometimes simply a means to keep everyone updated on life with the Muffin, and sometimes forays into more serious writing. But I’m putting myself out there. It was born of my intention to do more writing, and I want this to be different. This where I need your help, my dear friends and family who are as of yet my only readers. Help me. Help me by posting comments, encouraging me, critiquing me, and just plain pestering me if this blog has been quiet too long. Now I am NOT fishing for compliments (because I know the members of my family are already my biggest fans where my writing is concerned), I just know that what keeps me in the Land of Good Intentions is my lack of self-discipline (and sometimes confidence), and I need external motivation to keep going. I want to keep going– keep going until I see that sign that says, “You are now leaving the Land of Good Intentions. Thank you for visiting.”

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  1. Irene says:

    Kelly – LOVE the name. What would make me happy (who also lives in the Land of Good Intentions), is to have YOU actually publish something while I am still alive to witness it! I know you could!

  2. trogdor says:

    Hey man, engaging intro–nice use of the geographical metaphors!

  3. Ruth says:

    Kelly, you know I enjoy everything you write. Great idea to keep us east coasters up to date on the MUFFIN”

  4. LeeAnn says:

    So proud of you sis! You are awesome! But I think a more appropriate title would
    the Landon Good Intentions! :)

  5. Helene88 says:


    I, for one, think you do an awesome job at LIFE! Maybe we could sell all those exercise thingies, financial SUZE ORMAN thing-a-ma-jigs, path to self-enlightenment / improvement / discovery / whatever

    AT OUR NEXT GARAGE SALE! We’d get exercise hauling all the crap outside to a table, we’d make money on the 25 cents we’d earn on each item (assuming we could stand TOUGH in the face of “will you take a dime for that?” AND we’d feel great about ourselves for briefly stepping out of the Land of Good Intentions!!!!!

  6. Lisa Kelly says:

    Well as a “virtual” neighbor in the Land of Good Intentions who often finds herself at the intersection of “What do I want to be when I grow up” (cause 40 isn’t grown up by any stretch of the imagination)and “Remind why I have to get out of bed and do anything at all” I applaud you and your follow thru.

    I think your voice here is strong and capable and just as good as anything I read in the litany of monthly magazines that come through my door.

    Keep at it my friend.

  7. Kelly says:

    Do I know how to stack the deck or what? :-) But seriously, thanks, everyone! I have the best family on the planet, and friends whom I adore. Thanks again, and keep reading.

  8. Sharon Riley says:

    Hi, Kelly! This is Kristen’s friend Sharon here. Hope you don’t mind – Kris sent me your blog link and I really, really love it. (Sorry, I sounds like Sally Field on Oscar night.) Your writing voice is wonderful.

    The land of good intentions! Yes. I live in a double wide in the land of good intentions (Southern region) where I hoard unread copies of The Nation and Smithsonian magazine that will one day crush me while I’m watching “Wheel of Fortune.”

    I can’t get over how great that Friendly’s photo of you and Greg is (and the one of you all with The Muffin) – and staying in on Friday is what it’s all about. (Mike, my husband, and I watch Washington Week on PBS and then I hiss at Stacey and Clinton on “What Not to Wear” as they ruin non-conformists.)

    Don’t feel guilty about putting Charlie in daycare so you can have some time to get things done. If you lived in Paris the state would also be sending someone over to your house to clean it while you have a much-needed lunch with friends.

    Great, great blog. I look forward to your next posts!

  9. Kelly says:

    I am thrilled to have you as a reader, Sharon! Thanks for the comments. Coming from a fellow writer, I am honored.

  10. janina says:

    kelly, love it – you are as talented as your momma says (and quite photogenic) what a wonderful keepsake for your muffin. give her hugs from the yankees. keep em coming. ps can i pass this along to the girls?