Tim Gunn Broke My Heart Today


I don’t care if you hate reality television and think it’s the downfall of modern society, it’s impossible not to love Tim Gunn. Seriously, which Project Runway fan didn’t want to smack Kenley for the ‘tude and the incessant eye rolling? Sure, you can be rude and disrespectful to Heidi and the judges all you want, but disrespect TIM? He’s there to help you for God’s sake! He’s handsome, charming, diplomatic and constructive in his criticisms, and — when it comes to fashion — always, always right. Which is why today, I was crushed.

I was watching Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style (for the first time, actually) and Tim and his co-host, Gretta, were making over a 25-year-old real estate professional. He said she looked dowdy and was not dressing her age, which was, of course, right on. And then they asked this young lady to pick out her favorite ten outfits in her wardrobe which were mostly suits. She came out of the dressing room in a basic black skirt suit with pearls. Granted, even I could tell the suit was ill fitting and the skirt too long, so when they called her on that, I gave myself a congratulatory pat on the back, but then the hosts began to criticize her skirt and jacket for being too “matchy-matchy.”

Wait a Dior minute. Back up the Burberry truck. Hold the Versace phone. I know I have been living in a maternity and nursingwear cave for a little while, but suits that match are now bad? So when I spent all that money in Ann Taylor and what used to be Petite Sophisticates on pricey suits that I thought fell under the category of “classic” and “timeless,” I was wrong? When I gladly handed over the Visa for that black belted skirt suit, that black lined pant suit, that cute navy pinstriped suit, and so on, I was NOT, in fact, “making an investment”?

Now I certainly never claimed to be what they call “fashion forward,” but I didn’t think I was fashion backward. My everyday wardrobe needs work, but I have carefully cultivated my professional wardrobe, and on occasion, have even been complimented on it. It took me a long time to learn how to shop for things that looked good on me and were not too trendy, and, while I still have much to learn, I thought I had reached some level of success.

I know I can be too “matchy-matchy” myself (says the teacher whose bulletin boards, trashcans, desk chair, and work table are all color-coordinated). And I know now, thanks to shows like Tim Gunn’s and What Not To Wear, how to use accessories to add splashes of color and fashion surprises. But my closet is filled with no less than ten suits because I happen to like suits. I was so looking forward to wearing them when this heat here in California finally subsides, because I didn’t get to wear them last year when I was pregnant. But, if I do, you’re telling me that Ambush Makeover will be knocking at my door?

As my husband was proofreading this post for me, he delicately pointed out that I am NOT 25, and that makes a difference. Super. My choices for fashion are either outdated, or just plain old.
So here I am with another place to second guess myself. Just what I need. Oh, Tim! How exactly am I supposed to “carry on”?

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  1. Minimeltdown says:

    I too LOVE Tim Gunn and wanted to smack Kenley square in the bangs every time she was rude to him (which was way too often). However, I wouldn’t get too heartbroken because I think that suits have always been considered stuffy by the fashion forward world. And sometimes we real folks need to wear things that are stuffy and not right off the pages of Vogue. The good news is you can mix it up and have a balance of both. Put a ruffled silk top in a jewel tone under that suit, with some patterned tights, OR a fun red patent shoe and you’re good to go. I think Tim might even approve!