Milestones & Mayhem: A Muffin Update in Pictures


I know, I know. While you’ve just loved reading my blog, too many posts have gone by without mention of The Muffin, and you have been anxiously awaiting a Charlie fix. I understand. Wait no longer.

Charlie will be ten months old next week, can you believe it? As Greg pointed out, she has now been out of my body longer than she was in! This little girl is the light of my life, but has been getting into some trouble now that she is VERY mobile. I recently learned that it’s called a a bear crawl when babies crawl using hands and feet on the floor instead of hands and knees. My kid cruises with a half bear — two hands, left knee, right foot. She has learned to wave, but most of the time does it backwards so she looks like she’s fanning herself. But the big news is that now SHE CAN STAND! Apparently, holding onto things is so last month!

This is this month:

So between her crawling and standing, she gets into all kinds of things she shouldn’t:

Yep, she’s discovered the dog door:

And learned to open drawers:

I suspect she has had a mentor to teach her these things:

Her favorite toys of late are mommy’s keys and a set of coasters:

She loves bath time and likes to suck on the washcloths:

She’s still a reluctant eater, but it’s getting better. She loves bananas and Cheerios, but still, come meal time, you just never know whether you’re going to get this:


Yes, I am STILL breastfeeding. She will take bottles of half formula and half breast milk at daycare, or from Greg when I’m not home. She’s a LOUSY napper and sleeper and I keep trying to figure out how to fix this so I can get the quality time with my pillow that I need. But still, it’s all worth it when I look into this face:


  1. brewin says:

    I’m glad to see yours is a dog food lover as well–the J-man makes a bee line to the water dish to splash happily. We can also add sharp scissors to the list of favorite toys…

  2. LeeAnn says:

    This is where you suddenly realize that a child leash is genius and not cruel and unsual.

  3. Irene says:

    Ahhh – she is the cutest baby EVER!!!!!! Her nonnie

  4. trogdor says:

    Ha ha ha! Those pictures are hilarious. Before I started reading, all I saw were the first few pictures, and at first, I thought, “Dang, you’re lucky–she’s a cutie AND she cleans? Wow!” Oh, well! Soon, right?