Muffin’s First Halloween!


For your oooohing and ahhhhing pleasure…

Now Halloween is a pretty big day for us. Greg and I mark it as the anniversary of our official “coupledom,” as Halloween of 1988 (yep, twenty years now!) was our first social outing as a couple when we went to a Halloween party together, and I was dressed as, coincidentally enough, a lion. (He was the Grim Reaper. Hmmmm….) So between that and Greg’s love of horror, of course he thought it most appropriate and romantic to propose on Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts.

In honor of our anniversary, he apparently spent several nights putting together this model of The Haunted Mansion:

Disney World in Florida was our first vacation together, and — surprise, surprise — the Haunted Mansion is Greg’s favorite attraction, and we must go through it at least three times whenever we’re at Disneyland here in CA.

Needless to say, we were very excited about Charlie’s first Halloween. She had a school parade and two parties to go to. But, as anyone with kids can tell you, babies don’t really give a hoot about your plans, and plans don’t always work out quite the way you’d like.

First, last Friday, she was supposed to attend her Halloween parade at preschool. I wasn’t working that day, so I thought I’d bring her in the afternoon when the parade would take place. But Charlie decided not to nap all day until she fell asleep fifteen minutes before we were supposed to leave. Plus, it was in the 90’s (ah, October in CA!) and I felt a little bad about having to dress her in that outfit. So, we skipped the parade, and I tried not to be too bummed about it. After all, we still had Halloween night and two parties to show off her fuzzy cuteness.

Then came Halloween. The first party was early because it was a baby Halloween party. I have a few work friends who have all recently had children, and we wanted to get all of them together. Again, Muffin’s timing for an afternoon nap was impeccable. I let her sleep for an hour, but then woke her up because we were already an hour and a half late, and she just could NOT miss this party.

I dressed her in everything but the mane, buckled her in the car seat, and off we went — and proceeded to sit in a parking lot, otherwise known as the 5 freeway. The poor kid screamed for the entire half hour it took me to drive five miles to an exit where, fearing my child would sweat to death in all that fur, I took her out of the costume and stripped her down to the white cotton onesie that was underneath.

We set off again, and she screamed some more. By the time we arrived to the party, one baby was just on his way to his next party, and all of the others were already out of their costumes. Seriously. How long can you keep these little tykes in these uncomfortable albeit very cute get ups? So we missed the baby shark, the flower and the dinosaur, and I didn’t get the photo ops I was hoping for, but we got to spend some time playing musical babies, handing off and trading little ones ranging from six weeks to two years. Still fun.

Then I dressed Charlie in her lion outfit again, and finally got the moms’ version of the Holy Grail — a few good photos. We were off to our second party, the house of our good friends D & E, the place where we spend most of our holidays. It was a family affair with Greg and Friday meeting us there. And more kids (older ones this time) and parents roaming in and out.

D & E go all out for every holiday. This Halloween, they set up the entire party in their front yard, complete with a pot luck buffet, a movie projected onto their garage door, and even a bouncy house. It was late and had gotten dark, so we spent most of the time indoors where we got a few more photos with Muffin’s daddy and Friday. Still, it was fun. Given that we are far away from our families, I am always grateful for the efforts that D & E make to ensure our holidays are memorable. This was no exception.


  1. Irene says:

    Is My granddaughter the cutest or what!!!!

  2. Minimeltdown says:

    Charlie looks so cute and Greg’s model is AWESOME! Must be nice to have an artistic husband…