Oh, What a Night!


Raise your hand if you cried last night. Or at least got a little teary. Wow. I am so happy that I voted, and so proud and grateful that I got to be a part of and a witness to this moment in history. Never again will I doubt the power of the people to unite and make a difference, or take my right to vote for granted.

Last night, our good friend K came to our house, and we settled in with our pizza and our wine to take in all of the excitement as we watched the election results come in. Now K happens to be black, so I was especially honored to share this night with her because I know it must hold even more meaning for her. That, and she happens to be one of my favorite people in CA.

Even though I knew it would be an exciting night, I wasn’t quite prepared for the gush and range of emotions that would overtake me throughout the evening. The surprise as the news stations called the election — What? Already? Seriously? OMG! The awe at the crowds that gathered at Grant Park and other places throughout the country. The amazement of seeing how this election touched even those in other countries. The admiration and hint of pity for John McCain who I thought gave the most eloquent and gracious speech of his campaign. The revelation of the true meaning of this night illustrated by the profound pride and joy seen in the faces and tears of so many. And the absolute thrill of watching Obama take the stage as our new president elect.

Today, I am still basking in all of those emotions, and I’m choosing to stay here on this page in history for a while longer. There’s time enough to entertain the other emotions that accompany the other election votes that didn’t quite go the way I had hoped, and the worry of the rough road ahead.

For now…
President Obama. How about that!?

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  1. trogdor says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic that Americans really voted for “change.” I’m not sure that people understand that they’ll have to make sacrifices and tough choices for the next four years in order to survive the broken system that was left by the Bushies for Obama, his administration, the representatives, and the senators, and I’m worried that there will be a backlash in 4 years. So I’m in a yay-boo mood.