The Jingle is Back!


No, I’m not talking about Christmas bells, just good old fashioned advertising. My mother likes to tell how she would take me food shopping with her when I was a kid purely for the entertainment value. I was (and still am) a television junkie, so during the weekly food shopping, I was happy to provide a medley of commercial jingles , slogans, and catch phrases of products as they appeared in our shopping cart.

Picture a short blonde tween with a serious overbite skipping through the aisles of the A&P singing of how she’d like to buy the world a Coke, or proclaiming that she’s a Pepper too. Precious, I’m sure. Frosted Flakes were grrrrrrreat, and everyone save one persistent rabbit knew that Trix were for kids. Yes, I know, I’m dating myself, but what-ever. I’ll wear it proudly, because hey, I can still list all of the ingredients in a Big Mac. I’ve got skills, I tell you.

Anyway, I guess somewhere along the line, Madison Avenue decided jingles were just too pedestrian or too cable TV or something, and subtlety reigned. I guess the messages sent over the airwaves were supposed to be subliminal, but seriously, how effective could they have been when you watch a commercial and find yourself asking, “What was that a commercial for, exactly? Really? Naked women have that much to do with burgers? And what does a football being thrown through a tire swing have to do with erectile dysfunction?….Oh….ohhhhh.”

No, I’m not dumb. English teacher here, remember? I get metaphorical imagery, I’ve taught methods of persuasion, so I know what they were going for. I guess I just question whether something in our brain really triggers us to buy a certain brand of deodorant because we subconsciously remember some picture of a pouncing tiger when we’re in the personal hygiene aisle.

Me — I’m a fan of the obvious. So imagine my delight with the recent trend of back-to-basics slogans and jingles! I’ll start with the inspiration for this post — the Free Credit Report dot com commercials! Seriously. I LOVE those and happily sing along. Gosh darn it, I even went to the website. (I felt I owed them at least that — even though I didn’t actually sign up) Not only is there a catchy tune with lyrics that makes sense and make you laugh, there are several different catchy tunes in several musical genres. Genius.

Even though I am not in the market for birth control, I can’t resist the urge to start singing the days of the week along with the yellow swim cap clad synchronized swimmers touting the freedom of NuvaRing.

You don’t even need a jingle to make me happy. Just give me something I can remember without working too hard. Mac and PC…I’m a fan. I think the voice of Allison Janney and the simple but well-written radio spots are a good part of what has kept me with Kaiser for my healthcare. Yep, I do plan to “live long and thrive.” And is it just the British accent that makes me love the Geico gecko so? I don’t care. “I’m lovin‘ it!”

Next up…TV show theme songs. Or not.

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  1. trogdor says:

    I happen to like the song for the Target commercials–“Oh, oh, oh, oh, this is a brand new day!”

  2. Kelly says:

    LOVE the Target commercials too. Almost added that one in there!