Best Laid Plans


Well, well, well. It’s been a long time since I last blogged, and I must confess that I have missed it. I’m still back East with the Fam and having a great time. Hope my readers are still out there and having a wonderful holiday season. I meant to blog sooner, but, of course, I meant to do a lot of things before Christmas. You see, as is often the case in life, there was “The Plan,” and then there was “The Reality.”


My last day of work before Christmas was Tuesday, December 16th, and we were heading for Jersey on Friday the 19th, so I had a few days to get some things accomplished and had planned to do the following:

  • Finish my Christmas shopping.
  • Take the dog to the vet for her health certificate so she could fly to Jersey with us
  • Get the Muffin’s picture taken with Santa.
  • Have a Christmas get-together with the few CA friends that we exchange gifts with (that would be Dave & Ellen, and our pal Kim).
  • Clean my house so for ONCE I could come home from vacation to a house that didn’t look like it was hit by a tornado.
  • Write one last blog post and one last “Weekend List” before signing off for the holiday season.
  • Pack my suitcases thoughtfully and carefully (since airlines now charge for the baggage) so I could pack as lightly as possible but still have what I needed.
  • Leave for the airport nice and early since we had to drop off the dog at a separate location, park in long term parking, and take the shuttle to the airport with luggage, stroller, car seat, and baby.
  • Leisurely board our red-eye flight on which the Muffin would sleep the entire trip. (Yeah, you can see where this is going, can’t ya?)

Now I did not think The Plan was particularly ambitious or unrealistic given that I DID have three days in which to accomplish the aforementioned tasks, AND I could drop off Charlie at daycare for a couple of hours each day if I needed to. However, if you remember my last post, I got pretty sick — like totally knocked on my ass sick — so The Plan got boiled down to what absolutely needed to get done, hence…


I stayed in bed on Wednesday and part of the day on Thursday until I got a phone call from daycare informing me that Charlie had a fever, so I had to pick her up. I took us both immediately to Urgent Care where I learned that Charlie had just a slight temperature of 99, but I had strep throat. As a result, The Plan ended up like this:

  • The only Christmas shopping I finished was getting some gift cards for the daycare staff because they do take care of my kid, so I couldn’t have them thinking I’m some kind of cheap, slacker mom.
  • I did take the dog to the vet as that wasn’t really an option since we had no Plan B if she could not fly home with us for the holidays. Four shots and $150 later, she was good to go
  • There was no picture with Santa for the Muffin’s first Christmas. (I was looking for a half price one after the holidays, but apparently, no one does that. Go figure.)
  • There was no get-together with CA friends.
  • When I return home and see that my house looks like it’s been ransacked, before I call the cops, I must remember that it was ransacked by ME in the final hours before our flight.
  • Since there’s been nothing new on my blog since the 16th, you can see what happened with my plan for the pre-holiday posts.
  • My suitcase got packed in about a half hour while I was in a frantic quasi-meltdown, so I forgot my breast pump, my Christmas shirt I bought specifically for Christmas Eve, my toiletry case with half its usual items, and I really had no idea what kind of clothes the Muffin or I were going to have until we got to Jersey.
  • We left for the airport about an hour later than we had planned, so I was silently freaking out the entire traffic-jammed ride down the 405 that we were going to miss our flight
  • The Muffin did NOT sleep the entire way.

There were some SILVER LININGS in all of this:

  • If the Muffin didn’t get a slight fever, I wouldn’t have gone to Urgent Care myself (thinking I had the flu and just had to ride it out). But since I did, the strep was diagnosed and the penicillin had me feeling better the next day.
  • Flights were cancelled the day before and the day after ours because of inclement weather. Our flight was great timing. We made it no problem — baby, dog and all!
  • While the Muffin did not sleep, at least she did not scream. She was just busy for the first two hours of the flight before she did sleep, and she remains on California time, so is keeping me awake until at least midnight here every night.
  • I am here with my family and enjoying it. We even got a white Christmas!

I’ll report more when I get back to sunny CA!


  1. trogdor says:

    Good God, man. I’m glad y’all made it alright and are healthy. Happy New Year!