My Day


Yesterday, I felt like shit. Well, I still do today — achy, fever, chills– super. Anyway, I wasn’t working yesterday, so I was home with the Muffin and the dog. Grades were due, and I had brought home a set of vocabulary quizzes I needed to get graded, so it took all of the energy I could muster to spend the morning trying to finish those so I could post them online before the noon deadline. Charlie tried to offer her assistance and insisted on stealing my red pen multiple times. (Boy, I sure hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I mean, teaching is a noble profession and all, but still…)

I finished that and got my grades posted, and when Greg came home for lunch, he let me take a quick hot bath while he watched the Muffin. Once he left, I just felt so bad, I decided I was pretty much doing NOTHING for the rest of the day. So I gated the kitchen, closed all the doors in the house, and made sure the living room and den were strewn with all sorts of toys for Charlie to play with. There were alphabet flashcards, books, Tupperware, car keys, her Mozart Music Cube, and her Busy Zoo Activity Cube. I then curled up on the couch in a down blanket and stayed put with the Muffin in sight.

Well, I was hoping I could just stay put, but not necessarily expecting to. Charlie, like any mobile ten-month-old, likes to get into things she shouldn’t, and when the dog wants attention, she decides to chew baby toys and shred newspapers and tissues. So I was expecting there to be a lot of “Charlie, NO!” and “Friday, STOP THAT!” and “C’mon, kid!” and “Dammit, dog!” But much to my surprise, it wasn’t that way at all.

It was raining outside, (California’s idea of a “Winter Storm Watch!”) a sound I find comforting, so I opted for no TV or radio or iPod. Just the sound of the rain and the wind and an occasional happy squealing from Charlie or barking from Friday when the wind really kicked up and freaked her out. I kept the lights dimmed, and there I was on the couch trying to get some rest, and there were the baby and the dog, actually letting me! The dog mostly slept and stayed out of trouble, and Charlie played with her toys and stayed out of harm’s way. (I just had to rescue her twice when she got herself stuck between the couch and the ottoman.)

Every once in while, Charlie would amble over to the couch where I was, and I would pick her up and play with her a bit, and then she would nurse. At this point, I just have to whip out the boob and say, “Milk?” and she grabs my nipple like it’s a straw and dives on in. She ended up taking two naps right beside me.

When Greg finally got home from work, I helped make dinner and fed the baby. When dinner was finished, I bathed Charlie and got her ready for bed while Greg cleaned the kitchen. It was around 8:45 pm when I handed the Muffin over to Greg and said, “I’m going to bed. You’re on baby duty for the rest of the night. There’s formula to give her before bed, but if she’s fussy about taking it, you can bring her to me in bed to feed her.” I put on some clean pajamas and curled up in bed. Greg must’ve handled it just fine because no one had to bother me. Apparently, Charlie took the formula no problem and was asleep by 9:30. She did wake up crying at about 2:00 am, but I just fed her for about ten minutes and she fell back asleep.

I should also add that somewhere during the day, I called MY mom just to whine that I wasn’t feeling good because one is never too old for those, “I want my mommy!” moments, even when one becomes a mommy herself. Anyway, that was my day yesterday — you know, in case you were wondering. So say a little prayer that I am feeling better and that Charlie does not catch my cooties before we leave for Jersey on Friday. Three more days!


  1. LeeAnn says:

    See now if you lived in Jersey I could have just come and taken Charlie for the day while you rested up! I hope you are feeling better and I can’t wait to see you and Charlie, and Greg and even Friday.

  2. brewin says:

    So sorry you’re feeling icky, but I must say that’s the best icky day I’ve ever heard of. You’ve got a wonderful baby who has settled into a nice routine with you and the greatest hubby! Cheers to feeling better in time for a looong plane ride and much needed connection with family and friends (even though your CA counterparts will miss you so!)

  3. trogdor says:

    I’m impressed you graded yesterday. Hurrah for the new grading policy, right? Sounds like you had the perfect day…other than the cootie part. Just think–this means when you’re not sick, you COULD have the perfect day…until Charlie decides she’s finally ready to turn that speedy crawl into a speedy walk.

  4. Kelly says:

    Thanks, All. This definitely appears to be the flu and it does not show signs of easing up. I feel like total crap and have to change my sweat soaked clothes a few times a day. Yee haw. So much for my claim of, “I’ve never gotten a flu shot and I’ve never gotten the flu.” This sucks!

    So I’ve just been resting as much as I can even though I REALLY have things to do before we leave on Friday! I’m freaking out a little

    Today I brought Muffin to daycare — figured I could not get that lucky twice! I was mostly amazed she stayed away from the Christmas tree.

    Brewin, routine??? Tee hee.

    Trogdor, I only graded because I only had two classes and they were short, mutiple choice quizzes, so I figured I could handle it. And Charlie is walking a lot now!