Oh, Christmas Tree


You may remember from the HE said/SHE said conversation of my earlier post that one of the things I hem and haw about each Christmas is putting up the tree. Yes, I am a reluctant Christmas decorator. In my defense, I’m only so reluctant because we live in California and we travel to New Jersey for two weeks every Christmas, so it seems like a lot of work for little enjoyment.

I’ve had to make many compromises because of Christmas traveling, and one of them is the tree. It took me a good ten years before I broke down and went for the artificial Christmas tree. Yes, I was and still am firmly in the “only a real tree will do” camp! I consider this defection only temporary (until we move back East, of course!) and only because of the mess a real tree makes and the fire hazard it presents when left alone for two weeks. I must admit that while I still would MUCH prefer a real tree (for the smell alone — and don’t give me any of that pine scented candle shit — NOT the same!) the fact that the fake ones come with lights affixed and perfectly spaced is quite a convenient time saver.

Anyway, every year I say to my husband, “Maybe we shouldn’t bother putting up the tree. We’ll be away anyway.” And man, it’s a hassle. Making room for the tree, carting out the boxes, unwrapping or unboxing all of the ornaments, etc. And this year, throw in the Muffin and her grabby little hands and eagerly awaiting mouth. But my husband always insists we make the effort, and in the end, I must admit, I am always glad he did.

I forget what a joy it is rediscovering our ornaments each year. Goofy, I know, but they have become a part of our history. Back when we first started dating, Greg began to buy me a few ornaments each Christmas. He would carefully choose cute ones that fit our personalities, and he’d make sure at least one ornament had the year printed somewhere on it. We now have ornaments dating back to 1990.

We have ornaments purchased from vacation spots, and photo ornaments with our dog and now our baby. And of course, others besides Greg have given me ornaments that never fail to make me smile. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but some include a tree-trimming beaver with chainsaw, several reindeer stuffed in a telephone booth, Santa sitting on a marquis, and a hand-painted one from my student teaching days on which is written, “Ms. Landon, You are great!”

As our family grows and our history continues, so will our collection of ornaments and the nostalgic smiles they bring. So scratch what I said earlier about a lot of work for little enjoyment.

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  1. Minimeltdown says:

    Wow! It looks beautiful. I think all that work (and boy do I remember it) was worth it.

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks! Actually, it usually looks nicer, but this year, I decided to leave off the glass balls that I typically add because of the Muffin.