Reason # 47 Why I Need to Move Back to NJ


I HATE packing. You would think after 13 years of traveling back and forth from CA to NJ at least twice a year, I would be a professional packer (pardon the alliteration) by now. Sadly, no. And I get pissed every single time I pack. Here I am in sunny CA with my carefully cultivated and varied wardrobe. We’re talking shoes, pocket books, jewelry. I mean, I have OUTFITS, people. But come time to pack, all I can think about is trying to pack light.

So no, I won’t bring those boots, even though I want to, because they take up too much room in the suitcase. No, it’s just not sensible to bring my entire jewelry armoire. Really, do I need that many shirts? I can make due with one pair of jeans, right? And if run out of clothes while I’m there, I can just do laundry. If I need jewelry, I can borrow my mother’s. (Lord knows she’s got more jewelry than Elizabeth Taylor!)

I wind up in Jersey rotating the same four outfits with the one or two pairs of shoes that can work for all of them even though I have an array of much cuter ones back home in my closet. I put on an outfit and groan, “Damn, those other earrings would work so much better.” I search frantically in my suitcase for that perfect cashmere sweater until I remember I decided not to pack it. I reach for makeup case and discover I have forgotten something important. ARGH!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s the constant RE-packing. Back and forth and back and forth from the in-laws’ to my parents’ we travel — a few days here, a few days there. Because we don’t want to cart everything, we RE-pack just what we’ll need for a day or two so it fits into one suitcase. Then shit just gets scattered ‘from Hell to breakfast’ as my dad would say (one of his sayings that I love). At any given point we have clothes and supplies in three different suitcases, and scattered about the two bedrooms and the two bathrooms in the two different houses we stay at. Inevitably, I have to pull EVERYTHING out of the suitcases and off the beds and the chairs and start all over again. MANY times.

This trip, Greg said to me, “You know, we could really do this better.” Yeah, I suppose. But the point is I don’t WANT to do it better. I don’t WANT to do it at all! When I get dressed for a fun family event or outing with my NJ friends, I want to be able to choose from any combination of outfits from ALL of my clothes, and ALL of my shoes, and ALL of my jewelry. And how about just letting me have to think about ONE outfit at a time without worrying how many days I’ll be staying where I’m headed and what I’ll need to wear and what toiletries I’ll need for the next three days?!?

I suppose from the number of words written in all caps (read: yelling and screaming) in this post, we can easily conclude that I was NOT meant to live out of a suitcase.


  1. Minimeltdown says:

    Sounds like it’s time to move. As someone whose done it, I highly recommend it. You aren’t getting any younger!

  2. LeeAnn says:

    Reason #48, the invitation to Charlie’s birthday party that we cannot attend! And of course we all know the #1 reason is to be closer to me!

  3. brewin says:

    Much as I would hate to lose you to NJ, it’s where your heart and family are. Hey, I had to lose Redhead (darn transplants!) but true friends always stay connected no matter the miles. I wish you a smooth process with the hubs and in your heart and in mine, that’s where you, hubby and the Muffin belong.

  4. Irene says:

    I am trying to be very “unmother” like and stay out of your business…that said “home is where your mother is” (or something like that). Oh…and maybe I have “more” jewelry than Liz (although I doubt it), I certainly don’t have them in the diamond category.

  5. ellenstohl4u says:

    Okay, I’ll concede that you can’t live out of a suitcase and I’ll even support the move if it’s really what you want! Just remember LA LA Land won’t be the same without you!