We’re Definitely in Toddlerville Now!


Just a few quick Charlie stories to share. I actually started to type this in an email to a bunch of folks when I thought, Hey, that’s what I have a blog for!

This morning, Charlie was asleep in our bed with Greg while I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I heard her start to babble so I went (ran, really because she was on the bed and Greg was sleeping) to check on her, but I guess I was not fast enough because she met me in the doorway with a big smile on her face. Apparently she climbed off the bed BY HERSELF sans major injury and came to find me! Yeek! (We had been practicing getting down off the bed because the little rascal was smart enough to figure out how to turn around and feel for the floor with her feet, but I was always there!)

And she has a thing with standing up in and on top of things. Her favorite thing to do now is go through EVERY drawer in her room– dresser and night stand and the baskets under her changing table and throw all of the clothes and contents on the floor until all the drawers and baskets are empty. The other day, after she emptied the bottom dresser drawer, she climbed on in. She also likes to STAND on the rocking chair that Nonnie and Grumpy painted for her for her birthday.

Another one of Charlie’s favorite birthday gifts was THIS Little Mermaid ride-on toy. It has a seat that opens up for storage. Of course, she opens the seat and stands in it.

Pray for us, people. I am NOT looking forward to my first trip to the emergency room with her!


  1. trogdor says:

    After seeing her today, I can attest that what you have written is not an exaggeration. She is on the move, and she is FAST. Luckily, she’s also really sturdy and resilient. You forgot to mention the glint in her eyes that she gets when she makes eye contact with you right before she’s about to do something she knows may be a little risky. That glint is not quite mischievous, but it’s not altogether unassuming either. She’s pretty smart, man.

  2. Minimeltdown says:

    Holy cow! This is scary. I would probably freak on the getting out of bed part.