A Few of Her Favorite Things


Are you all missing your Charlie? Well, the Muffin is doing just fine, but I know an update and photos are long overdue.

First, we finally stopped breastfeeding. I haven’t nursed her since I went off to the CATE conference, so that’s almost two weeks now. There were a few VERY whiny, guilt-ridden days when I returned, but we muddled through and now it’s just cow’s milk and juice for her! I’m still waiting for my boobs to get the message!

She has graduated to “Room 1” at daycare. She made the adjustment easily, but Mommy is having a harder time because I don’t get near the detailed information that I used to when she was in the infant room about how much she ate and drank during the day. But they do art projects, and I walked in one day to find eight one-year-olds sitting quietly and listening to a story being read to them. Charlie was on the lap of one of the teachers (she always seems to score one of those prime spots). The kids spend a lot of time outside, and “Room 1” is much more structured. There is a scheduled nap time at 12:15 so that’s been helpful, although one longer nap means I have to work very hard after I pick her up to keep her from falling asleep again around 5:00 or 6:00 (too close to bedtime)! We finally have her on a decent sleep schedule and just started even being able to put her down for the night at 8:00 and she usually wakes around 7:00 am! Hallelujah! Sometimes, of course, she gets a serious case of bed-head:

She has had three more teeth come in. Charlie has discovered the camera and now has this cheesy photo smile where she scrunches up her nose.

I mentioned how she loves to STAND. We now have to strap her into her high chair, otherwise…well, I’ll let the pictures show you my little daredevil.

She’s graduated to a toddler tub. I put the infant tub in the den because I was going to bring it to garage to store it, but it has become one of her favorite toys, along with “Dolly” that she got from Dave & Ellen for Christmas.

Besides her rocking chair, the tub, Dolly, and her Little Mermaid ride-on toy, she also loves her Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home Playset that she got as a birthday gift from my good friend Jani. It keeps her entertained for hours! I highly recommend it for any busy toddler.

My daughter will not wear any hat for more than 30 seconds, but for some reason, has decided that washcloths make fashionable headgear. She’ll walk around with them on her head until they fall off. Notice how she even chooses ones that match her outfit!

And this is what happens when her father lets her play outside with no shoes and lets her attempt to drink a Dixie cup of water all by herself (You may have to click to enlarge to fully appreciate how filthy she is!). Good thing I’m not one of those moms obsessed with cleanliness!

So that about wraps up this installment of the Muffin Update. Until next time…


  1. LeeAnn says:

    OMG! How cute is she?!?! Giver her a big kiss from Aunt LeeAnn for me.

  2. Minimeltdown says:

    Kelly, those pictures are so darn cute. The bedhead one is too much. She appears to be thriving and I’m so glad you have made sleeping and nursing progress.

    I had the same feelings when Haven moved from the Infant room to the Toddler room at school. It’s hard, I think, because it’s a tangible sign of growing up. And it’s happening SO FAST! (But the art projects are an absolute highlight of my week!)

  3. trogdor says:

    Great action shots! I love her DIY style–very creative use of everyday items. She just looks like she’s having so much fun.

  4. Sharon Riley says:

    Charlie is sooo cute! Love the picture of her in the bath with the devil horns! And the bed-head crib shot is beyond adorable! What a beauty.