The Pink Eye Update


How is it that we have practically eradicated things like smallpox and polio from the modern world, but no one has yet discovered how to free a mascara applicator of pink eye bacteria? Good Lord. Thankfully I don’t wear contact lenses or this little infection — you remember how Charlie and I got pink eye a week ago, right? — would have cost me a fortune. Well, I should say more of a fortune than the one I have already spent on doctor visit co-pays, the prescriptions, the new make-up, the new face moisturizer, and the various brands of hand creams, ointments, and lotions.

But enough of my whining, because I know I kind of covered that with the last post, and you just really want to know how we are and if we’re still contagious. Are we over our pink eye? Well, I can say with definite certainty…I think so. Knock on wood.

Charlie’s eyes cleared up within a few days, thank God, because I don’t know if I would have been able to deal with my poor Muffin if she was half as bad as I was. I ended up going back to the doctor once more because, after five days of drops, I still looked like an albino. The doctor thought I probably had a viral version (as opposed to the bacterial kind), so I just kind of had to wait it out. (Both are equally contagious, BTW. )

Anyway, I got the okay to go back to work on Thursday. My students must have thought I was trying to be cool (and failing miserably) wearing my sunglasses all day. By Saturday, the redness cleared up for the most part, and each day I wake up a little less crusty. That’s not to say that every time one of us rubs our eyes I don’t go into full blown panic mode at the thought of being reinfected. Yesterday, for example, I freaked out when I took Charlie outside and I noticed her right eye was all red. I then saw it was tearing pretty badly and realized that she must have gotten some sunscreen in her eye. But it’s tough to know if I’m totally “cured” when my allergies normally wreak havoc on my eyes (and right now our backyard is a pollen factory).

I’m still a little afraid to use any of my new make-up, so I bought the cheap kind until I’m sure I’m in the clear. Then I’ll spring for my new Lancome Oscillation mascara. Until then, I’ll keep that hand sanitizer close by!

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