I’m a Fanilow!


One of the reasons I was excited about my recent Vegas trip was that we had tickets to see Barry Manilow. Call me a geek. It’s okay. But I bet if “I Write the Songs” came on over your airwaves, you’d be hard pressed to resist the urge to sing along. And who can’t get their sway on when “Daybreak” starts? Need we even mention “Copacabana”? Seriously.

Anyway, as Spring Break approached, I told my students about my upcoming trip and the Manilow tickets. Then I remembered their age. “Oh, you probably don’t know who Barry Manilow is, huh?” Blank stares. So I was actually okay with that. Until I had lunch duty with one of the “young” teachers on campus (Yeah, I remember when I was in that group…sigh…) and I relayed the story to her. To which she responded, “I don’t know who he is either.”

God, getting old sucks.

But it was a good time. Barry did not disappoint. And I of course could not resist the overpriced souvenir photo of me and my sisters (The glow stick was free.):

So, yeah, Vegas was fun. My sisters and I didn’t kill each other. I don’t think we even wanted to (of course, I can only speak for myself). I even wound up about $100 ahead in gambling thanks to LeeAnn who suggested I play the “Wheel of Fortune” nickel slots (with a $2 minimum bet– how is that a nickel slot, I ask you???) while we waited for table for dinner.

Other than getting admittedly a little rowdy during Copacabana, we behaved ourselves. I miss them already.

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