My Little Fashionista


I guess it was just a matter of time.

Being a clothes horse and borderline shopaholic, I think people naturally expected me to have fun playing dress up with my baby girl. After all, you can’t get much cuter than baby clothes, especially baby girl clothes. No one was more surprised than I was when I had no such desire. I would see parents deck out their little ones with ruffles and frills and tights and hair bows and think, why would you want to do that to a baby? They just looked so uncomfortable.

I don’t think I even bought her one outfit before she was born. People have such fun buying baby clothes that I knew she would get plenty as gifts. My mom lamented after my baby shower, “But she has no dresses!” I shrugged my shoulders honestly not caring. No that I did not oooh and ahhhh over cute baby outfits, but mostly I wanted her to be warm and cozy and safe and comfy. My little girl arrived in the world and lived mostly in cotton onesies.

She grew and there was tummy time and crawling, so pants were added to the mix, and save for the occasional holiday or photo op, I was quite content to let her beautiful blue eyes be her best accessory. My Muffin was hardly ever in a dress. With crawling and then learning to walk, I hated the idea of her legs being bare. Of course I picked out and bought outfits for her, but always with comfort, practicality, and even price being my main concern.

But then it happened. My baby became a toddler. And I found this outfit:

I love the “model” ‘tude that comes through in this picture! She must know she’s wearing Guess, and I can’t believe I spent the money I did on this, but I loved it!

I also discovered this brilliant idea of putting leggings under dresses (Well duh — cute, plus needed knee protection — don’t know why it took me so long to figure that one out!) So now I’m having a little more fun expanding her wardrobe. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Red is definitely her color and I get her most any outfit I can find that’s red!

Her Nonnie sent her this dress for Easter, and I added the bolo sweater and bow since she finally had enough hair to hold one!

Sadly, one of the sandals in this photo, which I ordered online because I loved them, were one of three shoes that were lost in as many weeks because this kid loves to take her shoes off! AGH!!

Of course, her baby blues are still her best accessory!


  1. LeeAnn says:

    Oh my god, she is toooooo cute. I miss her so much (and you too!)

  2. trogdor says:

    Hands down, my favorite is the dress from Nonnie–impeccable taste, grandma! And my second favorite is the last dress with the circles. Seems like you’ve opened the door to a hobby that could be very dangerous, but as a former fashionista myself, I can’t help but be excited about it all for her and you!

  3. Red Skelton says:

    Yeah, it’s totally fun to dress a girl. Especially when they start walking and you don’t have to stick to the practical onesies and pants or worry about them falling over because they haven’t mastered crawling in a dress–not easy. I can tell you love this phase with yours just as much as I do with mine. Keep the outfits coming!

  4. Helene88 says:

    A-1 Adorable. Enjoy the selection while you can, Kelllllllllerooo. I did with Melissa and then came JJ. For every rack of boys’ clothing there are TEN for girls. I became the biggest resenter of little girls clothing on the planet!!!! I’d go into a department store, Macy’s, Broadway when it still existed, JC Penney, and even boutique stores and it was always the same…. a BLAZING array of pink pink and more PINK and one or two carousels of overalls and polo shirts for my little man. I think this is why, today, he rings up Nordstrom’s bills like it’s his day job :) Her eyes are gorgeous btw, and Nonnie’s contribution was outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Irene says:

    well she certainly does have the ‘tude, doesn’t she? Must be related to KiKi! L. Mom