Ah, I remember when…

I used to be able to eat at a restaurant with friends, and The Muffin would eat her puffs or Cheerios quietly and contentedly while we all enjoyed the company of friends.

I used to be able to go shopping at the mall and The Muffin would sit happily in her stroller enjoying the sights while Mommy scoured the sale racks. Any damage done was mine.

I used to able to spend the first hour or so of each day enjoying my morning coffee and checking my email or my blog while The Muffin would entertain herself in her playpen with her dozens of toys.

I used to be able to enjoy dinner at a reasonable hour with my entire family around the dinner table. At once.

I used to be able to talk on my cell phone without it being ripped from my hands or the sounds of screaming in the background.

As you can see, I’m not even talking pre-baby days here because I don’t miss those. I don’t even remember life before The Muffin and the house would surely be too quiet. But now I have a toddler. Confines of strollers, car seats, shopping carts, or Momma’s arms be damned! (Well, sometimes Momma’s arms are okay.) No longer content to be a passive observer of this world, she demands to be an active participant (with emphasis on the active). Constant motion. Constant discovery. Tons of “talking” and pointing. Willful determination. Tantrums with any “no” (hers or mine). Sticky fingers. Snotty nose (ALWAYS). No sense of fear. And the best smiles and laughs, hugs and kisses, and faces of wonder and discovery EVER.


  1. Dennis says:

    With time Grasshopper you shall perfect the “Look”. A quick flash of the sideways glance (with one raised eyebrow if you can) that can relate to your child tacit displeasure and a promise of whatever repercussions that might lay in your mommy arsenal.Haha just kidding. Thems the breaks kiddo,she’s a tweener who will see how far she can push and what you will do about it. So nap when you can and learn the timeless secret of Children’s Benadryl