Yes, I’m Still Here


Okay, so I’ve been a slacker. Sorry. I could tell you how we had a nasty computer virus that took our computer hostage for almost a week, and how I had some house guests after that, but they would just sound like excuses (even though they’re true). But the truth is that when I’ve been away from blogging for a bit, it’s sometimes difficult to get back to writing. I put all this pressure on myself thinking that since I haven’t written anything in a while and left my audience hanging, the next post I write has to be this amazing piece of literary genius. HA! Yes, it’s silly, and I really need to get over myself, but hey, it keeps my therapist in business.

Anyway, a friend of mine emailed me last night with this:

…so what’s up with no new posts since the Fanilow? You have a week to get something up or the masses come by with pitchforks and flaming spears. We demand new material, even if it’s only a quick anecdote. Don’t vex us.

Thank God for friends. And thank God for my readers. Someone’s got to keep me in line and remind me that it’s just a blog for God’s sake. Just write already!

So here’s an overview of what I’ve been up to since I last posted.

RECOVERING. If you can believe this, Charlie and I had another battle with Pink Eye. I thought there might have been a third battle, and daycare wouldn’t let her back without a doctor’s note, but it turned out to be a false alarm. She did, however, have an ear infection in both ears, and we both had a cold with a horrible sounding cough. This led to several conversations with my mother that went like this:

Mom: “Can’t you give her some cough medicine?”
Me: “No, Mom. You can’t give babies cough medicine. I’ve Googled it and asked the doctors, and there’s not much you can do for a cough if it’s just a cold.”
Mom: “How do you know it’s not something serious?”
Me: Well, she’s been to the doctor’s twice and both doctors said her lungs were clear. It’ll get better.

Later that evening:

Mom: “That sounds terrible. Are you sure you can’t give her anything?”
Me: “Yes, Mom, I’m sure. I don’t like it either, but the humidifier helps.”
Mom: “But what if she’s really sick?”

And so on…

CELEBRATING. Well, not really, but I should have been. I had a birthday. Woo hoo. But I was sick and had to work that day including a meeting, a lunch duty, and subbing during my off periods. All I wanted to do when I got home was sleep. There wasn’t even cake. My husband did start my day with leaving a dozen roses on the kitchen table for me and making me a Charlie scrapbook.

I also got some Apple Store gift cards that I requested. I’m going to buy a MacBook since I won’t have my school-issued laptop come June. I haven’t made the purchase yet, but I did spend some time in the store pestering a very nice “Genius” named Rian (pronounced like Ryan, but trust me, he does not look like a Ryan spelled “Rian.” Totally would have taken him for a PC guy). I don’t even know why I want a Mac because I’ve never had one — think I’ve just been sucked in by the commercials. I have been nervous about making the switch, but Rian was nice and informative and must have done his job, because he brought me over to the Mac side and I’m very excited!

READING. My reading list of late has included ProBlogger, Blog Schmog, and 10-10-10. The first two are obviously about blogging as I research and ponder possibilities for my blogging and writing future. The third book is a self-help book that caught my eye at the Vegas airport. It’s a book about making decisions based on the possible consequences in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years. I did find it helpful and interesting.

SWIMMING. Our little Muffin has now gone to her first two swim classes. It took her some time to warm up to the idea. The first class, Greg got in the pool with her while I played the doting first time mom snapping photos and yelling, “It’s okay, Charlie.” She knew I was outside the pool so that didn’t help matters any. But at the second class, we both got in the water with her. She still wasn’t too excited, but by the time the rubber duckies were brought out and the Hokey Pokey rolled around, she was fine.

. My mom and nephew were out for a visit. My nephew is a total Lego freak, and we have been wanting to get him to LegoLand before he gets too old. Plus, I think my mom missed her granddaughter just a little bit. My mom got a great deal on airfare so out they came. We had fun at LegoLand (I had never been). My nephew apparently lives on McDonald’s cheeseburgers and ice cream since that was pretty much the only thing he would eat without threats or bribes. Offer him anything else, and you’ll most likely get, “I’m good.”

We also made a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, another place I had never been. It was a last minute decision but turned out to be a great one. Both my nephew and Charlie loved it!

So I think that brings us up to speed. Guess I’ll have to make the next post the literary masterpiece. Or not.


  1. Helene88 says:

    love your blogs, Kelleroooo but I also know how HARD it can be to stick to a schedule when it takes that much thought. It’s not exactly the same but I do know how you feel. I am trying to get an SBA loan and in order to do that, you have to have a Business Plan, among a gazillion other things. I promised myself I’d write for one hour every day. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Let’s just say that sometimes cramming many hours together works just as well! Give yourself a break!

  2. Red Skelton says:

    Hey! Glad you’re back. I’ve missed you. And, just so you know, our doc. slid us some Dimetapp under the table and it helped our baby sleep like a baby during her recent bout with croup. Sounds like you have been enjoying yourself. Don’t be a stranger now, ya here!

  3. brewin says:

    Yay for updates!!! Thanks for letting us share your world, one crusty eye, hokey pokey, red rose and question of life at a time. It’s all the small things that you write that add up to a masterpiece.