The Things I Will Remember About This Halloween


1.  I arrived for Muffin’s first school Halloween parade a half hour early only to discover I was still too late.  Rookie am I. How was I to know all the good spots in the shade (It IS California) would be taken and there would be no more chairs left? Apparently, the real pros bring lawn chairs and blankets and snacks and set up camp EARLY to secure the best viewing and Kodak spots.Charlie - school Halloween 006

2. I found myself crying when the parade began. Crying! Yep, there was my daughter marching along with the little ones all decked out in their Halloween best, and it was just one of those moments.

3.  On Halloween Weekend, Muffin used up her quota of temper tantrums for the MONTH (at least).

4.  Amazingly, the dog was more agreeable to wearing her costume than Muffin (see #3).Charlie Halloween 2009 033

5.  I still got a few cute pics.

6.  My daughter discovered Halloween candy, and many a tantrum was had over denied requests for it (see #3).Charlie Halloween 2009 056

7.  Greg made his “spooky surprise” cupcakes and my daughter opened the frig (because she can do that) saw them and said, “cake!”  I have no idea where she learned that word from! When I refused to let her have the chocolate cupcake for breakfast, another tantrum ensued (again, see #3).

8. My husband reminded me that this Halloween, I am 42 years old. When I questioned what that had to do with anything, he reminded me that we mark Halloween of 1988 as the start of our official coupledom. “I know,” I said, still confused. Neither was a revelation, but finally he put it all together. He was kind enough to do the math to figure  out that we’ve now been together…wait for it…over half my life. Could I really be that old?

Happy Halloween.Charlie Halloween 2009 047

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