Ten in ’10


Here’s a quick post to get me back into my groove.  And I WILL get back into my groove.  It’s on my list.   You’ll see…

I was recently inspired by a couple of bloggers that I read regularly who posted life lists on their blogs. Theirs were called “40 before 40”—as in forty things to accomplish before turning forty. Well, it’s too late for me for that, but I liked the idea, so I decided instead on a “50 before 50” list.  I went about jotting down some things I’ve always wanted to do or accomplish. Here’s what I discovered: Fifty is a big number!  I needed help.

During the holidays, I solicited suggestions from those who know and love me best. After some ideas were thrown around, fifty still seemed like a reach.  My sister Lee offered, “How about 40 after 40?”

I thought about it and replied, “But that doesn’t give me a deadline.”

“I know.  That’s what makes it even better!”

“Hmmm…I know me and I need me a deadline.”

My other sister didn’t like the idea at all.  I imagine she thought it too contrived or frivolous and pointed out what I knew would be a danger of such a list. Would I simply be putting random stuff on the list just to get to the number 50?  I want it to be an authentic list with truly attainable goals and things important to me.

One author over at Friday Playdate who inspired my list because she had her own, recently wrote this:

I’m not making any resolutions this year; instead, I’m rethinking my life list. I want the list to be things I can — and will — really accomplish, rather than a haphazard list of cool stuff that might be fun to do someday. And then I’m going to spend this year crossing things off the list.

Well, I want my list to be something I can and will accomplish too.  AND cool stuff that might be fun to do someday.  I want to take my goals seriously, but also have some fun with it, because the haphazard stuff you think might be cool to do some day is part of what makes each day worth looking to!  And it’s the stuff that gets away. I have spent far too much time regretting wrong turns, lamenting poor choices, and traveling imaginary roads not taken.  Even if a few random and relatively unimportant things wind up on my list, if it keeps me looking forward, then it’s a meaningful list.

There’s something very powerful about putting things in writing.  And maybe even more so if you make that writing public (like say, on a blog for example). When it’s in writing, it’s more than a wish or a hope or a fleeting thought.  It’s a statement.  It’s a reminder.  With any luck, it’s a motivator.  Still, fifty is a big number. Enter my friend to the rescue who emailed me with this gem:

How about to pare down your 50 by 50 list, you start with a 10 in 10 list! 10 things to do by the end of 2010! Clever, no?

Clever, yes!  So here it is.   My start.  My Ten in ’10:

  1. Move back to Jersey
  2. Get paid for writing something
  3. Learn how to use my Cricut and make a scrapbook
  4. Go to the Ellen Show with my mom
  5. Go to the Hollywood Bowl with Kimberlee
  6. Keep up with my blog on a regular basis
  7. Find a new job/career
  8. Have a rockin’ bikini body.  Shed a few pounds and tone up enough to not be embarrassed to wear a bathing suit in public this summer
  9. Attend a blogging conference

I can certainly come up with a #10, but I thought it might be interesting to take some suggestions from my readers (read:  my family and friends).  Anything you think I should add?  A glaring omission that Kelly should be putting her mind to?  Go ahead and comment.  I still plan on coming up with a full “50 before 50” list, and once I have it finalized, I’ll post it, and cross things off as I accomplish them! 2010 is going to be a good year!

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  1. Helenie says:

    I think, mentally at least, you already HAVE moved back to Jersey. Know why I say that? Because only people that live in New Jersey and New York refer to it as “Jersey”…….. fait accomplis!

    Now, as for your tenth item? Why not make it something that includes Charlie? Like… oh, I don’t know… go to with Charlie to experience it through HER eyes. She isn’t too young to do this, as long as you don’t pick a traveling art exhibit. I remember going to Europe several times with my own kids and thinking that the absolute BEST part of the trip was to see “David” or Venice through their eyes. It was magical. Now for a 2 year old you may have to pick something like the zoo, which I’m sure you’ve already done with her, but something LIKE that…. Sea World maybe. Just a thought!

    Oh, and welcome back!


  2. Helenie says:

    btw… it’s NOT 8:17 pm, it’s 12:17 pm…. what time zone are you in?!?!??!?!?


  3. Pam says:

    You have a cricut??? Now I can’t wait for you to get back to Jersey! Seriously, I’m glad you are writing again! Love, Pam


  4. LeeWee says:

    So glad you are writing again! I was going through withdrawals!


  5. LeeWee says:

    Does 1 to 10th power count? Cause the only thing on my list so far is for 2010 not to suck so bad!


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