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I came to the blogosphere late to the game. Yep, that’s me. Late bloomer as usual. And to be honest, I’m still trying to figure out what I am doing here.  At first, it was a fun way to get me writing and to keep my family, who lives across the country, updated on the life and antics of the new joy of my life, my daughter. But then I spent some time in the blogosphere and started to see possibilities. I wrote about it in this post. The possibilities excited me and came at a time in my life when I started seriously exploring a career change. Ironically enough, it was my blog that gave me the final nudge I needed by getting me in some trouble, but I took it as a sign from God that it was time to make the leap. To where, exactly, I’m still not sure.

So here I am in this new phase of my personal blogging history. Now I’ve got my own self-hosted site on my own registered domain name. I got a professional to design a header for me. I take small steps each day to learn more and more about blogs and how to monetize and how to get more traffic, and I’ve even registered for the BlogHer conference. But the blogosphere is a big, new, sometimes exciting, and sometimes scary place.

I try and tell myself that it doesn’t matter if I never get that many readers because mostly I am doing this for me. That’s true to a point. But is that just guarding myself against expecting too much? Because if I were to be completely honest, deep down, I know I want readers. I want to be noticed. I want this to lead to something. Is that bad? Is that wrong? What if I fail?

A good friend gave me great advice during a similar crisis of confidence: don’t get caught up in worrying about being the best. Just be “good enough.” I struggle each and every day with this. I want very much to be good enough. I struggle with finding my voice, and, more importantly, wondering why my voice matters.

There are thousands of mommy bloggers out there. There are those with much more amazing stories, much deeper struggles.  There are those with more poignant revelations and invaluable advice. There are those blogs that are more well-written, more insightful, more practical, more funny.

So in this blogoshpere where some are screaming and some are whispering, and some are grieving and some are healing, and some are snickering and some are belly laughing, and some are reverent, and some are, well, not, and some are guarded and sanitized and some are raw and unapologetic, here stands me. Kelly. Journeys & Detours.

I do not have a single struggle that defines me. A single event that changed me. An amazing story to tell. I am a composite of smaller, quieter struggles. I have one child. I’m no expert. I’m learning as I go. And I’m not a fast learner. I am trying to write. To find. To define. To hone. To know. To share. Perhaps therein lies my voice?

Is it better than the other voices? Certainly not. But it is– I am— good enough.

My voice matters because I matter. I just have to remember that I don’t have to matter to everyone. I already matter to the people who matter most to me. My voice may be one among thousands. Perhaps it will be heard. Perhaps not. As one of my favorite mommy bloggers wrote in a great post, I am not my statistics. My voice is mine and mine alone.

So on I will write, and on I will share, and on I will work, and on I will struggle. To be a voice worth being heard. To be good. Enough.


  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    Two things…

    First – “good enough” sounds harsh when not in the right context. The point is that you only have to be “good enough” for you, yourself. Because you will always be your own worst critic and you have to do it for yourself first.

    Second – And forgive me “mommy bloggers” everywhere but Kelly you are so much more than a “mommy blogger” you have so much more insight and talent than to pigeon hole yourself into a category like that. This is why I think you should be out there writing more broadly and submitting to more sites.


  2. LeeWee says:

    i agree with Lisa. Your writing is so good and you get your voice across so well that you should broaden your blogosphere. You are not just a mom, you are an educator, a sister, a daughter, a wife, etc. So use these as springboards to help you reach a bigger audience. And then just get arrested or something so people will be interested in your stories and begin to read your blog. :)


  3. Helenie says:

    and if you do get arrested? Make sure it’s for something SORDID!!!!!!!



  4. Irene Landon says:

    “Good enough”? Naaaaaah – You are more than good enough. I know you don’t think my opinion counts because you are my daughter, but I do try and be objective. I tell people to read your blog – one person – a friend of mine who use to be a patient said “it’s a good read”. I think that is a helluva compliment. You just need to get yourself out there!


  5. Brewin says:

    Beautifully written piece–you’ve got a knack for this stuff, kiddo! you need Rob Thomas’ “Little Wonders” playing the in the background of this post! (Kinda like on Ally McBeal when she had her themesong) The chorus goes like this…All lives are made in these small hours,These little wonders,These twists and turns of fate.
    Time folds away, But these small hours,These small hours, Still remain
    Here’s to you sharing all these little wonders with all of us…


  6. Kimberlee Smith says:

    You are much better than what you think of yourself! I’m so happy you’re a better friend to me than you are to yourself! And, you do have SOOOO many defining moments. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned them! :) Think harder. And, regarding your writing, you are the only person pigeon-holing you…so, STOP!


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