A Tangled Mess


I’m embarrassed.

When I brought my daughter to pre-school today, her hair looked like a rat’s nest. Well, maybe I exaggerate, but I can tell you with all honesty and objectivity that it did not look at all what one would call combed. Because it wasn’t. Not for lack of trying. Several times. There were a few tries with warnings and gentle cajoling. (“Okay, honey, Mommy’s going to brush your hair now. “ “Please, Charlie, let Mommy just comb your hair.”) Then there were a few attempts on the sly. (Let me distract you with this stuffed bear while I sneak the brush behind your ears.) And then there was a final attempt with what surely must be some type of wrestling hold. But all to no avail.

Oh the screams! Oh the cries! Oh the fits of rage and subsequent hair re-mussing after one or two (almost) successful runs of the bristle! So I gave up and smoothed her hair down as best I could with the palms of my hands.

Maybe it was my fault that I let her go to bed last night without a bath, so her hair was already down one needed shampooing. But, is it my fault that when my daughter is done eating, she likes to combine any remaining food with a nice scalp massage? (I like to think she’s just being organic.) Is it my fault that uneaten morning oatmeal dries like cement?

But that’s not even the embarrassing part.

When I picked her up from pre-school, the knots were, for the most part, gone.

Oh, God, I thought. Unless communal sandboxes contain some magical brushless detangler, SOMEONE BRUSHED MY DAUGHTER’S DIRTY HAIR!  Yes, this could only mean that some teacher or aide looked at my child and thought, For Pete’s sake, let me brush this kid’s hair, because obviously her mother doesn’t! Not only that, but my daughter let this person brush her hair. It was a brushing that took time and effort and I’m sure not a little bit of patience with my daughter.

It was cute the day I picked up my daughter and her teacher had fashioned a new hairdo for her similar to the likes of Cindy Lou Who. But this? Not so much with the cute.

Please, God, let them have at least taken notice of the dry diaper and the clean clothes.  Let them understand at least a little bit of what motherhood with a toddler is like.


  1. LeeWee says:

    Just thank them and be done with it. They deal with toddlers all day long, I’m sure they understand the chaos that goes on daily. It is amazing that they can control a room full of two-year olds while we struggle with just one. Maybe ask them what type of drug they used to subdue her. :)


  2. Helenie says:

    JJ was lucky he had clothes on some days….. Or maybe the teachers at Montessori were the lucky ones. I don’t know but we do the best we can :)


  3. Kimberlee Smith says:

    I wish someone would help me out those wonderful “little things”! I’m with LeeWee, be happy about it!


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