Destination Girl


NOTE:  We’ve moved. I wrote this before the move, but never published because it felt unfinished. I wanted it to be a post about my fears and my need for God to quell those fears. I wanted it to be a post about faith and hope. Yes, it’s unfinished. But my life is unfinished, spiritually and otherwise, so I’m publishing as is.  All I can say is stay tuned…

My life is in a holding pattern right now. I’m getting ready for a big move across country. I’m looking for a new job, hopefully even a new career, and my husband will need a job too. We’ll need a place to live. When those are figured out, we’ll need childcare for The Muffin. These are big changes, and I’m hoping I’m making the right choices for my family.

But right now, I’m just waiting. All this getting ready and looking and hoping and waiting, well, it’s tough for me. I like things to be the way they’re supposed to be (whatever that is).  I just want to get to where I’m going so I can settle in and enjoy. And that has been a struggle for me my whole life.

Right about now, you may be a bit puzzled and thinking Um, what about the JOURNEY, Kelly? You know, that word that’s sprawled across the top of your blog AND at the end of every post?” To which I can only respond, I KNOW! I know I’m supposed to enjoy the journey, but I didn’t say that was easy. Far from it. Especially for a destination girl such as myself.

“Destination Girl” was even in the running for my blog title; but this blog is supposed to be something (in part) to help me get past being a Destination Girl and to remind me to be okay with the journey, and yes, even the detours. That word journey is there to REMIND me. Because, boy do I need reminding!

I’m struggling. Right now it’s not so bad because it’s tempered with excitement. When we make this move, I will back near my family, and that is a great source of comfort for me. But I know that soon, when the excitement wears off, and the warm embrace of family and friends settles in my bones, I’ll be left with a life that will feel incredibly unsettled.

New jobs. New home. New life. So many unknowns. And I have great faith that it will be just fine once we arrive. But the journey? This journey? Oh, man.

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