Life List Revisited


When I finally got back on the writing wagon by blogging again, I started with this post about my life list of sorts. I can’t keep track and don’t know if life lists are still in or are just cliché by now, but I still like the idea and wanted to revisit, and dammit, it’s my blog, so I’m doing what makes me happy.

Anyway, I mentioned how I was trying to come up with a “50 before 50” list. Well, scratch that. My sister was right. I found myself stretching and searching to get to the number 50 and it just wasn’t working for me. I want it to be a meaningful list, and if I just throw padding in there, it becomes less so.

I wanted my list to be neat and tidy. I wanted to take all my dreams and goals and work through them and whittle them down so they fit nicely on a piece of paper numbered one through fifty. I wanted each one to be just as important and meaningful to me as the next. I wanted each to be perfectly attainable under my control. I wanted cute little boxes that I could check off with pride as I reached each new goal.

You see my problem, right?

Life is messy. How can a life list not be?

As a teacher, I was always a huge proponent of writing as a means of self-discovery. Working on this list has been no exception. It has helped me discover what is important for me to do or accomplish, and this is what I’ve discovered:

What’s important to me can and will change.  Of course my family and friends will always ALWAYS be important to me. But my goals and my to-do list will inevitably change as my world changes. There will be things that I discover I want to accomplish and do that I never even thought about before today.

I don’t want to be stuck to a static list. But I do want a list. I want a list for all of the good reasons that lists exists in the first place—for a sense of commitment and resolve. I want a list that reminds me of what I think is important today, and one that can grow and change with me tomorrow. So here I am starting. Here is my life list…as it is today:

  1. Move back to New Jersey
  2. Go to a blogging conference
  3. Keep up with writing my personal blog on a regular basis (I can kind of cross this one off but I’d like to post more often and more regularly, so I’ll keep it open!)
  4. Find and get a job that really makes me happy
  5. Get paid for writing something
  6. Go to Greece flying first class
  7. Buy the house of my dreams
  8. Host a Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving at the house of my dreams
  9. Make a will or living trust
  10. Learn how to use my Cricut and make a scrapbook
  11. Go to the Hollywood Bowl with Kimberlee
  12. Have a rockin’ bikini body for just one day on the beach
  13. Consolidate my pension plans
  14. Learn enough about investing money to make some money and have a decent retirement
  15. Join or start a book club
  16. Learn Adobe Photoshop
  17. Become proficient in all Microsoft Office applications
  18. Become proficient in ASL
  19. Go the Oprah show or somehow see Oprah
  20. Learn yoga
  21. Go to Italy and see, among other things, the Coliseum
  22. Go to St. Louis
  23. Go to Chicago
  24. Get a “boudoir photo” taken of me
  25. Learn Spanish

I’m going to make this list a separate page of my website here because I need that reminder. I don’t want it (or my dreams) to get lost in the archives. For something like this, it’s kind of hard to have a deadline, so I am simply going to make sure that I do something toward at least one of these goals each and every day. I’ll cross things off the list as I accomplish them, add new things, maybe even just take some off. So you can check in on it now and again if you’re so inclined. Just don’t be surprised if things change!

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  1. Helenie says:

    If you would have told me 8 or 9 years ago that I’d be doing what I am doing right now? HA I would have said! HA HA HA HA! And yet I’m doing it, happily, joyfully every single day. My husband is damn lucky that his dream makes me happy but seriously? The idea of moving to Temecula (a place I had never even heard of prior to that fateful summer) and starting not ONE but TWO businesses, simulataneously, taking every penny of equity out of this magnificant house, selling the remainder of our Amgen stock and yes, even dipping a bit into the 401K money…. and buying trees and tractors and cement mixers and trucks that I normally avoid on the freeway because they are so big? No, sweetie, those things were NOT on my life list. My life list is short and sweet. Have a family, be a good mom (it doesn’t matter what that looks like, as long as my kids think so!), teach (check, did that for 7 years)… see Europe with my kids, ummmm, be a GOOD person, be relatively sane, have 5 cents at the end of a week after the bills have been paid, and stay married AND in love with the love of my life. Does this mean, since I’ve done most of these things (or all?) I’m done? HELL no. Dreams change, goals change, LIFE changes, people change, jobs change… and LIFE LISTS have to change along with the aforementioned things!!!!!! You said, “What’s important to me can and will change.” I hope so because that means you are LIVING life :) I love your blog, it makes me feel SO CLOSE TO YOU even if you are on that other planet called New Jersey xoxoxox


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