Ashes to Ashes


They scattered my dad’s ashes today.

Somewhere in the Teton Mountains, just as he wanted.

My mom called to tell me about it.

My cousin, the son of my father’s brother, dressed in camo and shot an arrow into the air.

My dad’s sister said a prayer.

I wasn’t there but I can see it– the image of the arrow soaring towards the clouds. How fitting. My dad really would have loved that.

My mother said she was overcome by a feeling that he was now at peace and that it was the right thing to do.

The rest of his family got to say their good-byes– the family he left to start his own.

My dad’s life came full circle today.

Back to his family out West.

Back to his beginnings.

Set free in the nature that was his church.

Rest peacefully, Dad.

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