Child’s Play


“Mommy, play with me!”

“Okay, honey. Just give me one minute to finish this up.”

“Mommy!” she says persistently tugging at my sleeve. “Come. On.” I look into her big blue eyes. That’s all it takes. Off we go.

Sometimes she likes to be a monster. Sometimes she wants to dance. Sometimes she wants someone to spin her.

Her favorite is to be chased. The ultimate is for Daddy to carry her and run while Mommy pretends to be a monster and chases after them. It’s the ultimate for Mommy too, because when her daddy has her in his arms and I’m running after them, I get the best view of ┬áher smiles and her squeals. “Faster! Faster!” She beams from ear to ear. It’s better than ice cream.

It’s something I don’t do enough of– play with my Muffin. It’s one of the few things in which for a moment I can totally lose myself. I can forget all my worries and just listen to her laugh. I need more of that right now.

Laughter is the best medicine– especially when it’s your daughter’s laughter.

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