Day 30


So here it is: Day 30. I made it. I managed to write thirty posts in thirty days. And I’m not quite sure how I am feeling about that.

Writing every day is hard. I knew it would be. I knew there would be days I would not feel like writing, and boy were there days!

There were days I enjoyed the process and the external motivation, and days I hated it. Some nights I quite literally had to force myself to get out of bed after lying down to get Muffin to sleep and drag myself to the computer. C’mon, Kelly. You said you’d do this, so let’s go.

There were posts I liked, and posts I hated, but I went ahead and posted them anyway, for no other reason than to follow through on a commitment.

The hardest part was not going back in and editing pieces after I hit that “publish” button. I still would, of course, because that’s just me, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.

While I could pat myself on the back from time to time for my efforts to keep writing, more often than not, I found my confidence as a writer waning. Staring at my computer screen night after night wondering what I could possibly have to say that other people would be interested in reading was intimidating. Hitting “publish” when I knew what I’d written wasn’t “ready” was borderline demoralizing. Worse than a bad hair day, I think. But I made myself get over it and hit the damn button anyway.

Blogging is a unique animal. It’s putting writing out there for the world to see without benefit of time and reflection and a fresh eye for editing.  And I did it. For thirty days.

Since I started blogging, I have always wanted to be more regular about posting, because if you don’t post regularly, what’s the point really? But I never wanted to post every single day. Most bloggers I read and enjoy don’t, and even those who strive to update every day often just post a picture with a caption on many days. I guess the key word here being “update.” People just like to see new stuff.

I was always afraid of a blogging schedule. I thought it would be too confining– like I would have to have my best ideas on Mondays and Thursdays or whatever. But if this little experiment has taught me anything, it’s that I should still write every day. I just don’t have to publish every day. Then maybe by those Mondays and Thursdays I could get posts to a place where I am happy with them and not afraid to share them with the world– or at least the few who stop by my little corner of the blogosphere.

So thanks, readers, for coming with me on this little roller coaster ride of an experiment. If you keep reading, now that I’ve got some momentum, I’ll keep posting regularly. Just not every day.

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  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    Well all I can say is impressive job my friend. You pushed yourself outside your comfort zone and accomplished something big – good for you!

    I will miss reading your daily posts everyday but I am confident you wil be writing more regularly and I look forward to it.


    LeeWee Reply:

    what do you mean you will miss reading her daily posts. from (Isabel Leeann’s daughter)


  2. kristen says:

    dry shampoo


    Kelly Reply:

    So I assume this comment was for the hair washing post. Dry shampoo, eh? Well, that might work here and there, but not as a regular alternative.


    LeeWee Reply:

    Aunt Kelly Aunt Kelly Aunt Kelly all you need to do is to have me (Izzy)come over there
    and all the screaming you’ll be hearing is….”Izzy” ” you gonna play with me” and i’ll say “wash
    wash hair first then Izzy play with you it will go like this and that and then she’ll be fine.
    if that doesn’t work then for her birthday i will get her a doll and if you squeezes
    shampoo out of her eyes . think of it its creative and disgusting .

    P.S if none of this works then have my dad come over then she should be doing it on
    her own.if not then sorry charlie cry all you want it’s gonna get done.


  3. LeeWee says:

    yeah sorry for the mistakes I’m only 11 i have a hard time typing fast but I’m working on it.


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