Dinner Out


So, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. It’s been kind of a long day, though I’m not sure why. And you know that effect big Turkey dinners seem to have (even though my turkey dinner wasn’t that big)? Well, I’m pretty beat, so it’s a bullet-point kind of night.

  • We went out to eat for dinner this Thanksgiving. It’s what my mom wanted. She thought it might make the first holiday without my dad a little easier, so I really hope it accomplished that to at least some small degree.
  • The restaurant was lovely, and much to our surprise, we had our own private room– in a wine room! They must know my family.
  • On our way to the restaurant, I realized I miscounted and made the reservation for one extra. I swear I counted like three times. Yeah, math is not my strong point. Freudian slip? We left the extra place setting there. For my dad.
  • My older sister spent the holiday with her boyfriend, and she was missed. A lot.
  • The food was very good. That having been said, turkey dinner out is not the same. I’m a dark meat kind of gal, and I love a good leg, but there was none to be had. Plus, no second helpings. For Thanksgiving, that just didn’t seem right.
  • Of course,the one thing I had to spill was cranberry sauce—on my off-white skirt I just got back from the dry cleaners.
  • I said a little prepared prayer. Each holiday we sit down, and then it begins: “Okay, who’s gonna say grace?” It usually winds up being my mom or me. This time I thought I should have something ready. It felt right. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off without crying, so I told Greg he might have to read it. But I muddled through.
  • Muffin was pretty well behaved. Well, until dessert. Thank God for the private room.
  • I love going out to eat. I love meals with my whole family. But it didn’t quite feel like Thanksgiving. I think that for this year, that’s okay. Wounds take time to heal.
  • I am thankful for my family. They rock.

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