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After yesterday’s post, and the build up to tonight’s Dancing with the Stars finale, I thought I would save the show’s producers a little work by offering up my ideas for next season’s cast. (Oh, I’m sure they have it figured out already, but I’m quite sure mine is better) :-)

I’ve even taken into account the show’s attempt to appeal to a wide demographic by pulling from various age groups and industries; but it is my list, so it’s a little partial to, well, me. I’ve also tried to be realistic with who I think might be brave enough to give it a (literal) whirl.

Here’s the cast if I got to decide:

Carol Burnett—if Betty White can have a resurgence in popularity, so can Carol! I have the fondest memories of watching her variety show, and you know she’d have to work in that Scarlet O’Hara curtain dress for a number! I love her. She meets that token “older contestant” requirement, but I have a feeling she’d be kickin’ some butt.

Melissa Gilbert—who doesn’t want to see Little House on the Prairie‘s half-pint dance? (I’m partial to middle sisters, you know) She does infomercials now, so I totally think she’d do it.

Raven Simone—requisite child star here, and she seems to be one who has a good head on her shoulders, so I’m totally cool with that.

Danica Patrick—DWTS likes a hottie/athlete combo, so here ya go. Mia Ham could be your backup. I originally wanted one of the Williams sisters, but I don’t think they’d do it.

Kevin Smith—because you need funny.  He’s irreverent so they might have to bleep out a lot of his comments, but you could make him keep his Silent Bob persona. (But he’d be better if he could talk!) And he’s brave enough to do it.

Judd Nelson—to appeal to those of us– ahem— who grew up with the brat pack. He doesn’t seem to be too busy these days…

Garth Brooks—okay this one’s reaching– being a country superstar and all– but he’s retired, he likes to put on a show, so you never know!

Zac Hanson—requisite former boy band member. MmmBop!

Vern Yip—c’mon. Who’s cuter than the Trading Spaces design star? Definitely the likable contestant.

Arsenio Hall— just where has he been?  I bet he can still work up a crowd.

Okay, so I need a few more– a younger female (probably with Disney Channel on her resume) and another sports guy or soap opera star to round out the cast. But I also have a new idea– how about adding a blogger? Like, me, for example?

Okay, okay, if you’re going to go with a blogger, maybe a well-known one would be be better. Heather Armstrong would be your best bet–she exercises, so she’d be up for the physical part of the challenge. And her posts about the competition would no doubt be hysterical and hold nothing back. But if she’s not available, I guess I could step in.

So, what do you think? Who do I need to add? Would love to hear other ideas!

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  1. Irene Landon says:

    “The kids in Bristol should be shot with a pistol when they do the Bristol stomp”

    Of course no one younger than 50 will remember that song…that being said, I agree with you. Kudos to Bristol for taking it all in stride ,,if you will excuse the pun. She handled all the jeers with aplomb and maturity. And, come to the end, she wasn’t a bad dancer either.


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