Halloween Withdrawl


“Oh no!” my almost-three-year-old hollered from the back seat of the car.

“What is it, Honey? What’s the matter?” I asked, thinking she dropped her sippy cup or her stuffed animal and that I was going to have to stop the car and get it.

“Halloween’s over!”

Oh, here we go again.

Muffin’s been going through some pretty heavy Halloween withdrawal.

“Yes, honey. Halloween is over.”

“But I wanna see spider!” I knew she was talking about the house by my mother-in-law’s that had been decorated for the holiday with a giant inflatable spider on the roof. Her Uncle Larry had walked her to that house a few days prior to show her that the decorations were gone.

“I’m sorry, Honey. The spider is gone. Remember?”

After a bit more talk of the fond memories of the ghosts and the witches and the “punkins” we moved on to other topics and then she fell asleep in her car seat.

The next morning, she woke at her grandma’s house. “I want monsters!”

Did I mention that she is her father’s daughter?

Greg had taken great delight in showing her Mad Monster Party, an old Rankin-Bass movie. I had gotten him collectible plastic figures of the monsters in the movie, and he thought Charlie would get a kick out of watching the movie and playing with the monsters. She did. But letting go has not been so easy.

Greg put the monsters away in their plastic cases, and he told me that Charlie insisted on saying goodbye to each monster individually as they put them in the cardboard box. “Goodbye Dwacula. Goodbye Frankenstein.”

“You said goodbye to the monsters, remember?”

“I want monsters. We haffa go in the attic and get them!” (She even remembered where he put them!)

All day, she asked for the monsters. “Well, you’ll have to wait until Daddy gets home and you can ask him.” I thought she’d forget. No such luck.

Greg came home from work, and “Daddeeeee!” And then, after a big hug and a kiss, “You get monsters for me?” Of course he did.

This morning, Charlie and I walked into her preschool, and upon seeing her teacher, said, “Halloween’s over.”

Of course, I’ve done the only thing I can do to get her past this Halloween craze. “You know, Santa’s coming…”

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