Jumping in the Deep End


When I go swimming, I love to just jump right in. It took me some time to get to that conclusion, but over the years, I’ve learned that wading slowly is not for me. Letting the cold water creep up your body and take your breath away with each step? No thanks. Sure, it takes courage and a bit of time to work up the nerve, but best just to jump on in and feel it.

Man, sure wish I could be that way with the other things in my life.

I’m cautious. I’m a big picture gal. I like to know what to expect and what I’m getting myself into before I dive into things. I question, I think, I mull. Oh boy, do I mull.

Ask my friends. Hell, I even bought the book Facebook for Dummies before signing up and getting all friend happy. Yep, a book about Facebook.  How stupid is that?

I’m a crappy decision maker. I don’t want to make mistakes. I think if I arm myself with all sorts of information and plan for all sorts of eventualities that I won’t make any. Okay, so I know that’s not realistic. But maybe it will at least cut down on the number of mistakes I make.

Reasonable, right?

Probably not.

Yet on I go. Wading. Letting the cold take my breath away with each step. Hoping not to make any mistakes.

Time to dive in. But where do I find the courage?


  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    In yourself, my friend, you find the courage in yourself and all you’ve already done and achieved and you dive right in!

    And if you look closely you do take leaps… leaps of faith!

    A leap of faith to move out to California with nothing more than your packed Honda, new husband and a dream…

    A leap of faith to choose to leave that life behind and move back East…

    A leap of faith not to take the easy road (okay not in NJ) back to teaching…

    You are taking the leaps… you just need to concentrate on the endurance laps it takes to get where you want to go.


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