Kelly World


“So honey, if money were no object, what would your perfect house look like? Would you rather have our master bedroom on the main floor or upstairs?” I asked my husband as we were driving.

“Well, I guess it depends on what we find, and what kind of jobs we get to know what we could afford…”

I cut him off. “We’re playing Kelly World and you’re not playing right!”

My husband is a pragmatic and practical man. I guess indulging in my fantasy world doesn’t come so easy. But you think he’d be used it by now—I play it often enough. But then again, maybe I play more just in my head.

I love Kelly World.

Right now in Kelly World, Greg, Charlie, and I live in a wonderfully charming mother/daughter house with my mom.  It’s in a great neighborhood with tree-lined streets. It seems secluded, but it’s actually walking distance to shops and restaurants.

The house has fabulous flow with a nice open floor plan that is great for entertaining.  There’s a modern kitchen with granite countertops and custom cabinets and a breakfast nook. There’s a huge dining room to host family dinners.

Our master bedroom has two huge walk-in closets and a bathroom you could live in.

Charlie has an adorable bedroom as well as a play room with enough room for all of her toys, including the train set or the dollhouse that Santa will bring her this Christmas (He’s still deciding which she’d enjoy more).

There’s a state of the art media room and office for Greg decorated with all of his monster models and movie posters. I have an office too, with room for scrapbooking.

There’s a spare bedroom with private bath for guests, which of course we have often.

(I’m still working on the layout in my mind to get it just perfect.)

Oh, and in Kelly world, the whole house is decorated by Candice Olson.

Our kitchen opens to a deck and a screened in porch perfect for hanging with with friends on summer nights. Beyond the deck and porch is a nice size yard with the swing set that my dad built for Charlie and other play equipment for Charlie to enjoy.

Off to the side of the house there’s a gorgeous hot tub and built-in heated swimming pool surrounded by slate and flagstone.

Yep, everyone loves to come to our house!

In Kelly World, Greg has a fantastic job that pays well and has great benefits and makes use of all of his wonderful skills and gifts. We’re financially secure enough so that I don’t have to work right now. Instead, I am busy being a mom, taking classes, and volunteering in order to find focus on a new career choice.

In Kelly World, we may be close to adopting a baby boy—or having a surrogate carry a sibling for Charlie. (I’m not sure—this one’s a toughie!)

Ah, Kelly World.

I mostly play when I’m alone in my car driving. I imagine winning the lottery– just enough so that all the above can happen.

What I want out of life: a nice home, a happy, healthy family, and work that I truly enjoy. The saddest part is that this fantasy of mine– it seems so out of reach. But it shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s not. Maybe if we really focus, it can happen.

It will happen.

And then I can move on to a Kelly World that involves George Clooney. Or maybe just an endless supply of ice cream.

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