I had a post in mind. I had it half composed in my head and was ready to sit down and write when I got home from a nice adult evening out with some old friends.

But now I’m too mad.

My mom was watching Charlie while Greg and I went out. We arrived home a little after 10:00 PM figuring our little Muffin would not yet be asleep because, well, let’s just get it out there—she always goes to bed late because I can’t get the kid to sleep.

All was quiet in the house, but some lights were on. Mom wasn’t in the den, and our bedroom door down the hall was ajar, which meant she was lying down with Charlie trying to get her to sleep. I was debating whether or not to go in the bedroom as I tossed my purse on the sofa. That’s when I noticed it.—my laptop.  And a huge fat scribble in black marker across the top (thank God I have a plastic computer cover over it). And I could tell it was not just any marker– it was a Sharpie.

I surveyed the scene. There was Sharpie on the chair, Sharpie on the lamp, Sharpie on the wall. I was fuming.

My mother and Charlie emerged from the bedroom.

“I guess she found a marker, huh?”

That’s when my daughter lifted her pajamas to show me more Sharpie on her tummy. She smiled. I did not.

“Look what you did! Are you allowed to have markers?” I asked her scornfully.

“Uh uh,” she responded shaking her head no.

“You need to get into bed now because Mommy is very mad.”

My husband took her off to bed.

“I’m so sorry, Mom,” I said to my mother.

“She was playing behind the chair,” explained my mom. “ I know she likes to play back there, but I had no idea she had a marker…”

I think my mother took it better than I did.

And now I hate Sharpies.

Which is a shame because I really love Sharpies. Seriously. Love them.

Just not in the hand of a toddler.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to laugh.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get that she didn’t mean to do the damage she did.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember that she’s only two.

But right now, I’m just mad.

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