Dear Kelly,

When are you going to learn? Seriously. Procrastination is NEVER. A. GOOD. THING.

You didn’t learn after the middle school science project. You didn’t learn after the high school term paper. You didn’t learn after all those college essays. Ah, hell, you didn’t even learn when you were the teacher assigning those things– you just procrastinated with grading them! Man, are you a slow study.

You said you’d do this. You committed yourself to writing thirty posts in thirty days. And okay, I must admit, I’m pretty impressed that you’ve made it this far. Last night you hit the halfway mark! Yay you! But let’s face it– some of that was by the grace of God. Come on now– you know you’ve hit that ‘publish’ button at 11:59 PM more times than you care to admit.

I know it’s the principle of the thing, and yes, so far you’ve managed to post every day. But it’s also supposed to be about the writing. Remember the writing?

Writing takes time. You need to play. You need to craft. You need to hone and revise and refine. You know how you are a perfectionist and you are not going to be happy slapping any old thing up on your blog. So don’t.

Please stop waiting until the afternoons to start thinking about what you’re going to write. Stop thinking that 9:00 or 10:00 pm is going to be some magical hour when your daughter decides to finally go to sleep leaving you alone with all of your muses who will sing your name and fill you with literary genius.

Not gonna happen.

Because you see, posts like this one? It’s sort of cheating and you know it. Plus, it could have been so much better if only you hadn’t waited until the last minute. You could’ve really written something.




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