Dear 2011


Dear 2011,

Welcome! I really am quite happy to see you. Oh, you think I’m a little late? Not really. I figured I’d wait until you got settled a bit before I introduced myself. Plus, I needed to set a precedent — 2011, I’m simply dealing with you on my terms. It felt good not to bow to the pressure of the Dick Clark countdown. And I think I’m finally ready to welcome you.

I’m not gonna lie — 2010 was a tough year. I spent last year unemployed and beating back my depression. It was the also the year I lost my dad. For those reasons, I’m not sorry to see 2010 go. But it was also the year I moved back home and started on a new path. It’s a new and often uncomfortable path, and I seem to be stumbling all over the place, but I’m hoping I will find my footing soon, and that the path that started last year will lead me to happier places.

But enough about 2010. Let’s talk about you.

Oh, 2011, do I have plans for you! Oh, nothing too elaborate — I like to be realistic. But I have plans to move… ahead. To make strides in many areas. Look, I don’t feel like listing a bunch of resolutions, even though, yes, I have them. You’ll hear about them soon enough. They’ll be staggered a bit (my terms, remember). For now, I’m going with what I read in Gretchen Rubin’s post about trying to set a tone for the new year in one word. For me, that one word is “productivity.”

As a general rule, I like myself. I just get depressed and angry at myself for not fulfilling my potential — for not using the gifts and talents God gave me the best way I can. I sleep too much (and not well enough). I wallow and whine too much. I procrastinate for fear of failure. I am my own worst critic. But there are many things I like about myself. I like my kindness and compassion and loyalty. I like that I can put sentences together pretty well from time to time. I like that I can take constructive criticism and try to be objective. I like that I want to be better.

In the end, all I have ever wanted is to be a more productive version of myself. I want to be someone who can get past this track record of fits and starts and follow through on some long term things that will make me a happier person. 2011, I’m thinking you are the year for this.

It’s a tall order, I know. But it’s time. So, 2011, welcome. I’m glad you’re here.


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  1. LeeWee says:

    Worth waiting for! xoxoxo


  2. Lisa Kelly says:

    Yeah you’re back!


  3. Irene Landon says:

    Every year has its goods and bads—certainly 2010 was the worse year ever for me,,,,but then my Kelly and her family DID come home and for that I am grateful. But we forge ahead…there being no choices here…and try to make 2011 better..as you noted..it needs a little help from us…doesn’t just happen on its own. But I pray this will be a really good year for you Kelly and at the end of it, you will found it held more laughter than tears.


    Irene Landon Reply:

    “you will found” ??? DUH


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