Little Things


It’s the little things I fear I’ll forget. The moments that aren’t great milestones or significant pieces of a larger picture. The moments I can’t add as part of a longer story. The ones that don’t need more words to explain and so I don’t give them any.

Like watching her dance in front of the television trying to imitate the moves on Dancing With the Stars.

Like the time we were driving home from school as the sun was setting. Every time we’d hit a hill at a certain angle, I’d have to slow the car to a almost a stop because we’d get blinded. Charlie covered her face and said, “I can’t see my eyes!”

Like the day we were playing and she held my face in her little hands and comforted me with an, “It’s okay, Honey.”

Like the time she spotted my father’s wallet on the counter, and (thinking it was her Daddy’s) cried, “Oh no, Daddy left his pockets here!”

Like the other day when she keep herself entertained for a good hour playing with princess band-aids.

Like her recent obsession with being first out the door or up the stairs, announcing, “Wait! I’m the line leader! I’m the line leader!” as she runs ahead.

And now I’m sitting here trying to remember that funny thing she said just yesterday… oh yes… after checking out her latest triumph on the potty, she looked up and said, “I made a poop snowman.”

There are so many.  They don’t bring pride or guilt or self-discovery. They don’t bring feelings that need to mined or ideas that need to be fleshed out. They come with nothing heavy on the heart or weighing on the soul. They are the little things. They are the moments that simply pass with a warmed heart or a small chuckle or a belly laugh or a deep contented sigh. To write them down seems silly. Because they are the little things. But these things, too, make up my motherhood.

They are the roadside flowers that dot my journey.



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  1. Irene Landon says:

    It is so good that you blog because you do have a written memory. I wish we had such a tool when you girls were young. But then, who can forget “Delta Dawn”?


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