The tears come unexpectedly. The emptiness hits. My dad’s gone. He’s just…gone. There’s no explaining it to my heart. There’s only remembering. Remembering that someone who was there, suddenly isn’t. And never can be again

I don’t know how grief is for anyone else. I just know that for me, now, it comes in waves.

There will be a trigger—a coffee cup, a song, a woodpile—and then the wave.

Sometimes it’s like a small wave that laps at my feet. I will walk through the garage or pass his picture, and will stop and smile sadly at his memory and whisper, “I miss you, Dad,” as I pass him a kiss through my fingertips. Life goes on and so must I.

But then there are the times the grief strikes like a giant wave that seems to come from nowhere and knocks me off my feet and pulls me under. It stuns me and tumbles me and leaves me gasping for breath.

The wave recedes. I find my footing. I catch my breath. I emerge scraped and shaken.

I am not the same.

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  1. janine says:

    oh kelly – we miss him so.


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