When the Words Get Away


Is it really possible that I have not posted for the entire month of February and almost half of March? (My one February post was really written in January.) I knew I had gotten away from blogging regularly AGAIN, but really? More than a month?  So. Not. Cool.

Well, a list of excuses is not really becoming, nor does it make for interesting reading (well, I guess it could make for interesting reading if it involved being abducted by a group of literary geniuses who, out of sheer jealousy, tied me up and banished me to a land void of language and puppy dogs or some other wildly dramatic scenario, but no, such is not the case), so with apologies to my readers and a purposeful snub to my inner critic, let’s just move on, shall we?

What you may not know is that I actually have written dozens of blog posts—in my head. I think I have nothing to say. But then I think and I ponder and I talk out loud to no one in particular. Ideas form, words tumble around in what can be loosely referred to as my brain, phrases take shape, and before I know it, I’ve got something that resembles a blog post. Not necessarily a good one, mind you, but still, a collection of words nonetheless. But none of that matters, you see. Good or bad, if the writing isn’t captured on paper (or screen, as the case may be), it’s gone. May as well have never existed in the first place.

Words are funny that way. You can wrangle them and play with them in your mind all you want. You can orchestrate their sound. You can tidy up their looks. You can perfect their arrangement. But if you don’t fix them in their place with a pen or a keyboard, they won’t stay for you. They’ve got important things to do, you know. Oh, some may hang out or linger a bit, but eventually they’re off to play with other thoughts and tend to new ideas.

Whatever the reason, I’ve let too many get away. Apparently, I’m no good at this regular blogging thing unless I make some type of announce a specific and firm commitment.  Being as I would like to get back to, and more importantly, KEEP UP WITH blogging regularly, it’s time to re-commit.

Ah, but how? That’s the tricky part.

Blogging every day was too stressful for me. Committing to simply posting “X” times a week was not specific enough (totally left room—albeit unintentionally—for the procrastinator in me). So…..big breath, here goes….I am going to try this:

I resolve to not let more than one day pass without updating my blog.

Okay, sorry to get all dramatic and formal on you, but apparently, a stated resolution in bold print is what it takes.  It’ll help me to hold myself accountable. Anyway, I am committing to writing almost every day, but  I can give myself an extra day if I want to play with a writing piece or (the more likely scenario) take a day off if the muses go on strike or I get lazy, but only a day! Then it’s back to it.

Let’s see how this goes. Hopefully, this commitment will be one that works for me and that I can follow through on. Because I hate it  when the words get away.


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