Worth It Wednesday: Get Magnetized!


Going out to eat with a toddler can be a challenge. Sure, most kid friendly-restaurants supply crayons and a place mat, and that certainly helps. But I’ve learned that it never hurts to have a little something extra.

One day, my husband, the Muffin, and I met an old boss of Greg’s for breakfast at one of our favorite places to eat. She arrived with a gift for Charlie, which, at the time I thought was cute and fun, because it was. It kept her busy in the restaurant while we waited for our eggs. ┬áIt wasn’t until my next trip out, and the trip after that, that I realized just how great this grab-and-go toy that had become my regular go-to item for trips out to eat really was.

Today’s Worth It Wednesday recommendation is a new spin on paper dolls– but so much cooler than when I was a kid! They are made of light-weight wood, so they’re sturdier, and the clothes are held in place by magnets. Genius.

The link above happens to be for the specific Melissa and Doug set that Muffin received (LOVE Melissa and Doug toys!), and this one comes with its own travel case. But anything with a similar concept is great because of its portability and the magnets that help keep pieces from getting lost. Because I liked the dolls so much, I searched for a similar toy just to have some variety and found this Disney set that uses magnetic characters to place on different pictures of various scenes to re-create stories like Cinderella. This one comes in a small tin that fits easily in diaper bags or even some purses:

And you can try this for boys:


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