Worth It Wednesday: Just Do It


I think my new blogging resolution will work for me. I should have posted yesterday, but I’m still finding my rhythm here. When it comes to writing, I’m still learning how to “just do it” as the Nike slogan goes.

In that spirit, today’s “Worth It Wednesday” is a post I want to share that will resonate with writers and procrastinators. It’s one I just recently found, but loved and have it bookmarked. I read it whenever I’m feeling defeated about writing:


Not sure what “Worth It Wednesday” is all about? My first one explains it. Or, to see more, you can click on “Worth it Wednesday” under “Categories” on the left sidebar to see any of them!


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  1. LeeWee says:

    Just a little fun fact for you. The Nike swoosh logo was designed by a college student who got paid only $35 to design it. Btw I love that link! I’m thinking of printing it out and posting in my house – all over my house. :)


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