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Hello there, readers! I am starting something new today called, as the title states, “Worth It Wednesday” (and yes, as you might have guessed, it will happen each Wednesday).

There have been many times, especially as a mom, I discover things that I want to share or recommend. It might be a product worth buying, a great blog post worth reading, or an activity worth giving a whirl.

My main goal here is simply to share what I have found “worth it” (whether money or time) in my small world and in my humble opinion. I don’t have tons of readers and I don’t do product reviews or go actively searching for things to research and recommend. There are plenty of sites that do that.  I want people to stop by my blog because they like me and/or my Muffin and/or my writing. But blogging is nothing if not sharing, and I often share links in my posts, so on Wednesdays, I’ll just make it a little more official. I’ll share things I’ve enjoyed, things that have made made my life easier, things that have made me laugh or cry or think. You get the idea…

I must, however, offer full disclosure here in letting you know that I am part of an affiliate program for Amazon and Google, meaning if you see a link here, and you use it or buy something, I may get half a cent. In theory, that’s supposed to help me cover some costs of this here site. In reality, I haven’t seen a cent yet (It’s got to rack up to few bucks first). But that’s okay, because again, my main goal here is simply sharing in a way that says, “Hey, I liked this. Check it out. Totally worth it!”


For my very first “Worth It Wednesday,” I wanted to share the Signing Time DVDs that I started watched with Muffin as an infant (well, I think we started watching around the eight-month mark or so).

I always thought sign language was pretty cool. And, of course, as a former English teacher, anything that can help with language development catches my attention, so I put these on my gift registry when I was pregnant, and I’m so glad I did. I don’t want to spend time going into too much detail because you can find out all you want to know on the Signing Time website, although the story behind Signing Time is interesting and heartwarming in its own right. But the DVDs are great! They are full of songs that are fun and cute and really do help you to learn sign language!

Charlie really did like them, and before she could talk, she was using signs for “eat” “more” and “dog” (oh, but not together or in that order)  Anyway, we’ve gotten away from them lately because of the continuing Scooby obsession and the new interest in Disney movies, but I do want to get back to them. Every once in a while, I will reminisce with Charlie about Signing Time and quiz her on the signs which she still remembers! She has dozens of signs in her vocabulary and I still sing some of the songs with her. It’s something moms and their children, no matter the age or disability, can learn together!


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