Worth It Wednesday: Memory Bears


I miss my dad every day, and I love anything that lets me still hold on to part of him in any way I can. Enter the memory bear. I don’t know how my mom learned about these, but I’m so glad she did! She found a woman who takes articles of clothing and turns them into teddy bears. Teddy bears! How genius is that. It makes use of special clothing while giving you something tangible to hold on to. Her website is called, appropriately enough, holdamemory.com. What a great way to keep memories of loved ones who  have passed on.

For Easter, my mom mailed off a box of my dad’s clothing and had a bear made for each of my dad’s grandchildren. The grandkids called my dad Grumpy, so we call them “Grumpy Bears.” The picture to the right is Charlie’s bear. Of course my sisters and I whined that we didn’t get our own, and I may just have to get them made for us too!

You can have any special article of clothing made into these teddy bears– not just clothing from those who have passed on.  Still hanging on to your sports uniforms from your glory days? Have some special baby outfits that you just can’t seem to part with? Want to do something creative with your wedding dress? (I had mine made into my daughter’s Christening gown– there’s another idea for you!)

If you’re not into teddy bears, a similar idea was also suggested by a friend of the family who offered to take my dad’s T-shirts (of which he had a zillion!)  and make a quilt our of them.  A quilt is being made for my mom, and I know it will be a comfort for her to cozy up in bed or on couch and wrap herself in memories of my dad.

I just love the idea of the memory bear though, and all of Grumpy’s grandkids did too. It made Easter just that much more special.


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