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Yep, still here. Yep, still trying to get my life in order and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Oh, there is much to write, but I thought I’d share a recent exercise I did. A cousin of a friend of a friend (did you get that?) named Maria is working toward becoming something called a “Passion Test facilitator” based on the best selling book. Even though I have become a recent fan (or should I just say supporter?) of the self help genre, I hadn’t heard of the book. But I am helping Maria by letting her help me. Kind and thoughtful of me, right? Anyway, my first assignment was to make a list of the things that are deeply important to me by completing the statement “When my life is ideal, I am…”

I was instructed that my statements should be phrased in the positive and relatively short. I was to have  have a minimum of ten, but could have as many as I wanted. It turned out to be quite interesting. While there is nothing surprising on my list, once again, I was reminded of the power of writing. I originally came up with a list of about twelve statements. Then I went to bed and found myself thinking, rephrasing, and wanting to add more.  What would it take for my life to be ideal?  Well, have a look see:

When my life is ideal, I am… (in no particular order)

  1. living in a new home that I feel comfortable hosting family and friends in.
  2. in good health with good health insurance. (this goes for ALL of my family)
  3. following an exercise regimen that I enjoy enough to keep up with.
  4. making productive use of the time I have each week.
  5. accepting of things I cannot change (mostly decisions of my past).
  6. going to sleep and waking at consistent hours so that I feel rested and eenergetic each day.
  7. financially secure enough to afford our home and pay all our family bills comfortably.
  8. taking one nice vacation per year.
  9. attending an Episcopal church I feel at home in on a regular basis.
  10. working at a job in which I feel I am using my gifts and talents in a loving and  purposeful way.
  11. excelling in my new career.
  12. looking forward to work each day.
  13. living near enough to my immediate family to see them regularly.
  14. enjoying regular quality time with friends.
  15. balancing work and family life so that I feel comfortable with the time I am giving to each.
  16. being the best mother I can be.
  17. continually nurturing my relationships with those closest to me—my family and good friends.
  18. following through on goals I set for myself.
  19. courageous enough to take the risks I need to professionally.
  20. writing on a regular basis (either for work or pleasure).
  21. reading on a regular basis (both fiction and non).
  22. enjoying a healthy regular sex life with my husband.
  23. keeping a grateful heart for the blessings in my life.




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