A Family Again


We’re a family again.

In a duplex where Muffin now sleeps in her own room in her own bed.

On a dead end street with park that lights up with fireflies at night.

We’re a family again.

And I remember the joy it brings.

To wake in a place we call ours.

To hear Muffin squeal with delight when her daddy comes home from work.

To cook our favorite meals.

To take after dinner walks with the dog.

To make our own routines.

To sleep next to my husband.

And to get to wake up again the next day and face the day.

As a family.

It’s not perfect.

It’s not our final destination.

It’s just a new place on this journey of ours.

But we’re a family again.

And that’s what matters.


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  1. Helene says:

    More than joy, I hear contentment in your words….and that made me SMILE!


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