I sit at my laptop with a heavy sigh.

Must write today. Must write.

The Self Doubt Monster grips me tight.

“Why bother?” she whispers in my ear, “why bother?”

“You have nothing to say, nothing to offer.”

I bristle

Wondering if today I have it in me to fight the fight.

To arm myself with all my dreams

And all my worth

Just to keep The Beast at bay.

I surf the Internet and read instead.

Looking for inspiration.

“These are the ones, not you,” she hisses.

My shoulders slump.

Not today, I think. I can’t do this today.

I click to another page.

And a phrase jumps out at me.

Confident parents raise confident children.

I turn to see my daughter dancing in the living room.

She has watched Tangled twice today and is twirling and singing, “She’s got a dream, she’s got a dream…”

And the moment hovers over me.

And my eyes squint as one who has just stepped into the sun.

And the sound of my shame is deafening.

Tangled in my dreams are my daughter’s.

Embedded in my fight is hers.

And I know I must fight the fight.

It’s not just about me anymore.

The Self Doubt Monster is silenced for now.

I’m not foolish enough to think she won’t be back.

But I have a new ally now.


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  1. Irene Landon says:

    maybe you are a poet. Pic adorable!


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