Bampires and Gores


Muffin’s got a new obsession: monster movies.

It’s so interesting to see what she’s drawn to. Our daughter? She has truly eclectic taste. She loves her Disney, of course, and will ask to watch Tangled (which she refers to as “Punzel”) or Peter Pan three times a day. But lately, monsters and princesses are running neck and neck.

I’m not sure if it’s because Scooby Doo was a gateway obsession, and she’s simply upping the ante for her witches and ghosts, or perhaps she just inherited the love from her father. He tried to play it all cool, but I know he could hardly contain himself when she found his collection of Universal monster movies, and intrigued by the pictures on the box, asked to watch Frankenstein. “I want THIS movie!” she insisted. And then she wanted to see Dracula. And then The Mummy. It’s been kind of a nightly ritual for The Muffin and her daddy to sit and watch a monster movie after dinner while I clean up.

The white board in my office where daddy drew pictures at Charlie's request

“Oh Charlie,” said her dad, “if you liked that one, I’ve got another one with Frankenstein AND Dracula.” Then he proceeded to show her Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

I really didn’t like the idea at first. After all, she’s not even four years old. I worried about her having nightmares, but it hasn’t been an issue. She sits in front of the television totally transfixed and asks her father questions. It’s kind of cute to see the two of them on the couch together. In the end, she seems to be none the worse for wear (or watching as the case may be). I guess the classics he’s showing her are pretty tame. I figure my husband loved them as a kid, and he still turned out a pretty good guy.

Her play usually involves monsters and chases. “Okay,” she’ll order. “You be the bampire and I be the gore.” (Translation: “You be the vampire and I be the girl”) Or sometimes she plays the monster and she’ll say, “Now you scream and say, no no!” Daddy has been the mummy who has to pick her up and carry her to the swamp. She’s pretended to put a stake through my heart. It’s all a bit crazy– and probably a bit creepy.

I’ve got to admit I wonder (and worry) if she talks about any of this stuff at school.  I’m hoping she sticks to the Disney princesses there.  Ariel and Jasmine they get. But her classmates might not understand if she tries to bite them on the neck.

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  1. Irene Landon says:

    Don’t you think it is nice she wants to see the monsters and not be afraid? She is a PIP I’ll tell you that!


  2. Helene says:

    Okay…. a couple of things pop into my mind. First, James has nightmares about the DISNEY movies, repeatedly asking in his awake hours, “MiMi, they are not coming, right?” This refers to anything that gives him a little twinge in his tummy! And patiently, MiMi assures him that no, they are not coming. And also adds, “would I EVER let anything happen to YOU?” So the fact that Charlie’s okay with this tame but gruesome stuff actually is a GOOD THING. Did I ever tell you about the time that after nights, many, many, MANY nights of Melissa waking up crying about the Big Bad Wolf coming to get her… John staggered in there, in his skivvies, and after a moment shouted BANG at the top of his lungs. When he came back to bed, I asked what the HELL that was and he calmly but sleepily said, “I shot the f’ing wolf.” I thought she’d have nightmares about THAT but he was right and I was wrong. We were never again awakened to cries about the WOLF.

    Anyway, the second point I need to make is this: she is definitely NOT sticking to Disney Princesses at school. I know this because James has, for the past 6 months or so, become fixated on SUPER HEROES and POWER RANGERS (ironic, huh? that I used to watch them with JJ????) This sheltered, kind of timid, little boy is now coming home and SLICING us with his knives, stabbing us, using the spider WEB to tie us up and CHOKE us. Would I (and his parents, of course) rather that he stayed innocent a little while longer? Of course. Is there a damn thing any of us can do about it? Nope!

    So Charlie is talking about vampires and necks and ghouls and goblins and acting out the scenes from the movie in the play area. And someone’s mother, somewhere, is saying to HER child, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS STUFF? Being the mother of JJ, I can only say that I am more than a little proud, on your behalf, that Charlie is taking these movie moments and truly making them her own!!!!!

    Oh, but I might limit her to the really OLD stuff…. some of the new stuff gives ME nightmares!


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