A Room of Her Own


It’s 10:00 pm as I am typing this in my bed. My daughter is asleep in her bed in her room next to ours.

Did ya catch that? Her bed. Her room. Yeah, I’m squealing a little on the inside. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or you know me, you know that there are sleep issues with The Muffin. It was my goal when we first moved into our new place to get her in her own bed and a sleep routine under control.

Well, let’s not go doing cartwheels just yet. Only half of that has been accomplished. Sort of.

My initial thinking was that we’d have to take the transition to her own bed slowly because there would be so much change for her, that to force her to her own bed on top of moving homes and changing preschools would just be too much. But then I started to worry that if she didn’t sleep in her own room from the start, it might make it more difficult to make her later.  My husband and I discussed different strategies and talked to some friends and family.

We heard a few things along the lines of, “Oh no, we never let them in our bed. We would, however, go to them in their beds.”

That seemed to provide a sort of compromise, so that’s the strategy we took. We made a big deal of Muffin having her own room and got it all ready for her. We bought a twin mattress (instead of using her toddler bed) so that one of us could lie down with her. And from the first night in our new place, she has slept in her own bed.

But oh, there is still work to be done!

She still goes to bed waaaaaaay too late. And she still needs me to stay with her until she falls asleep. The latter does not concern me as much as the bedtime. We have to start our whole pre-bed routine earlier, but that’s difficult to do when we’re not eating dinner until 7:00-7:30. And it’s important to me to eat dinner as a family.

I have to do a few things better here. But it’s possible. The hardest part is going to be the after dinner wind-down. The Muffin loves the television. Between her newfound love of monster movies, her continuing love of Scooby, and the typical three-year-old love of all things Disney, she is always asking to watch something. But more than one source tells me that is not the best choice for night time, and not at all conducive to the winding down that doesn’t seem to happen very easily.

Yes, she also loves to be read to, and we do that too! But the weaning her off the movies at night is going to be one helluva tough task involving tantrums and drama of epic proportions. But if I ever hope to get some decent quality adult time at night, it needs to be done. I guess I’m writing this post to remind myself of that.

I’ll let you know when we can commence with the cartwheels.

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  1. LeeWee says:

    Use a timer! A timer can be your best friend. Anything you do can be timed and when it goes off it’s the timer’s fault, not yours.


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