There’s the kind of friend you’re in contact with daily—text, email, or phone. And you feel like you’re missing a limb when you don’t get a daily dose.

There’s the kind of friend that you never ever hear from. But for some strange reason it does not matter because the bond you created was forged of something stronger than steel. You could still knock on their door at 3:00 am if you needed to, and you know it’d be okay.

There’s the kind of friend who is there but not. She fades in and out in a smattering of ways. She leaves comments on your blog every so often. She likes your Facebook status. She sends random texts out of the blue. She still cares. And so do you.

There’s the kind of friend you wonder whatever happened to. She used to be such a part of your life and you wish you knew where she was now. She’s not in your life but she left behind a tiny sparkle in your heart.

There’s the kind of friend you wonder if you were ever really friends with at all. There’s a longing there, like pining for an ex who never quite treated you the way you deserved.  And you hate yourself for wondering if she ever thinks of you.

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  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    You are my paragraph one friend. Thank you for that.


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