Like Us


She is three-and-a-half-years old.

She is full of whimsy and nonsense.

Like me, she is mostly happy and a little goofy.

Like her father, she loves monster movies (just ask her about Dracula or the Wolfman).

Like us, she is shy around people she does not know and tentative in large groups.

She is keenly observant; she forgets nothing.

Like me, she has a sweet tooth (a 12-step program for ice pops just might be in order).

Like her father, she is a night owl and does not want to go to bed.

Like us, she is an animal lover with a kind and gentle spirit.

She bursts with energy and emotions she doesn’t know what to do with.

Like me, she says “I love you!” one hundred times a day.

Like her father, she is smart and makes me laugh.

Like us, her soul is most content when she is with her family.

She is three-and-a-half years old.

She is ours.

And she is all her own.



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  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    Very sweet. Great writing!


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