Missing Our Girl


The house has been just a little too quiet the past couple of days. There is no one to run and greet me at the door when I come home. There is no one waiting for the table scraps. There is no one looking for a bone or after dinner walk. There is no one shredding paper or chewing on Muffin’s toys when she isn’t getting her fair share of attention. I’m referring, of course, to our first born– our dog, Friday.

We’ve had a few social goings on the past couple of days and we would have had to leave her alone in the house for very long stretches of time. She really does not like to be alone, so now that we’re back in Jersey and we’re not too far away from my in-laws, we decided to bring her there since someone is almost always in the house there. My in-laws got used to having her around because she basically lived with them for the first year we were back in Jersey. Now that we’re in our own place, I think they miss her. So we bring her there whenever we can or need to. They enjoy having her around– unlike my side of the family.

Yeah, she’s not one of those dogs that everyone immediately loves. She’s a growly thing with no manners because her momma didn’t raise her right. She, like her family unit, takes a while to warm up if she doesn’t know you. (Well, we won’t bark or nip at you if you get too close, but she will). And she doesn’t really like kids, which is a shame because kids always want to pet her.  We were a little worried when I was pregnant, but Friday immediately knew The Muffin was family and has loved her and been protective of her ever since we brought our daughter home.

I would have liked a friendlier pup for sure. I guess she fooled me when I picked her out. When my hubby finally agreed to our getting a dog, I did some research and decided I wanted a cockapoo. I wanted a poodle-mix that would not shed, and I  have always loved cocker spaniels. A blend of the two would be a perfect size dog for our townhouse– bigger than a purse dog, but not a piece of furniture either. And the energy level for those breeds seemed about our speed.

I found her through the classifieds. The morning we went to choose, we arrived at the breeder’s house to find a litter of black cockapoo puppies and a litter of black scotties running around inside toddler gates on the front lawn. I wanted a female, so I looked for one of the calm ones. When I picked her up out of the crowd of yipping and jumping puppies, she just stayed calmly in my arms and looked up at me with a face that seemed to say, “Please. Take me away from this chaos.” Then she gave me a single lick. I was hooked. She spent the ride home on my shoulder hiding behind my neck.

When we got her home and introduced her to her crate, she crawled in and would not come out until Greg offered her some ice cream (and that quickly ended our promise not to feed her people food).  Her quirky personality started to show. On walks, she avoided kids. At the dog parks she stuck close by us instead of playing with the other dogs. You could take food from her mouth and she wouldn’t resist at all, but if she had a sock she had stolen, you couldn’t get near it without facing fierce growls and nips. Once she was housebroken, she claimed her spot on the bed. To this day, if one of us is on the bed alone, she will growl at the other when he or she tries to climb in. She traveled with us wherever we could take her. When we lived in California, she flew to Jersey with us each Christmas.

Like most dogs, she very quickly became part of the family, and like any member of the family she has her flaws but we love her anyway. Well, like I said, not everybody loves her, but we do. She is ours.

And when she’s not around, well, it’s just not right.

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  1. Lisa Kelly says:

    I myself have always liked Friday. I think her sitting on the dining room table could be done without but I am a dog girl who likes my dogs with some spunk and attitude.


    Kelly Reply:

    Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention how our kitchen table has benches instead of chairs, so that makes it oh so easy for her to get up there on all fours! It’s not like I just let her hang out there, though! And she doesn’t do that as much anymore :-) I probably should have written more about her good qualities too! I do love my pup!


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